Selena Gomez Is Extremely Jealous Of Taylor Swift And Calvin Harris’ Relationship

Selena Gomez recently went through a really big split with Justin Bieber and since then she hasn’t confirmed that she is dating anyone. Despite the heartbreak, it looks like Selena is finally ready to move on and find someone to spend her life with who will last. Rumors have been flying about her love life, and now a source is revealing that Selena is actually really jealous of her friend Taylor Swift and her relationship with Calvin Harris. These two have been dating a while and things seem to be going great for them. Hollywood Life shares about how a source says Selena is feeling now.

A source is revealing that Selena actually looks at this couple as someone that she wants to be like someday. It is a good type of jealousy, though because Selena loves how happy Taylor is right now. Taylor does look like she has finally found her match after several failed relationships.

“Selena would give anything to be in a relationship like Taylor and Calvin’s. To have this type of commitment and respect for each other would be a dream for Selena. She has been very supportive of Taylor and Calvin’s relationship and was the first to wish them Happy Anniversary. Their relationship gives Selena hope that she will one day have the same thing and that one day she will find her soulmate.”

There have been a lot of rumors flying about Selena Gomez and who she is actually dating. Recently, Selena was spotted hanging out with Taylor’s brother, Austin. They are close friends for sure, but rumors are that there could be a bit more between them. They were at the Vanity Fair Oscar party together and a source reveals that Selena and Austin were together all the time. They were not seen doing anything that would prove they are a couple, but it was enough to get people talking about Selena and Austin.

The rumors started flying recently that Selena Gomez is serious with Samuel Krost and that the two could even be moving in together soon. They were recently seen together at the Sunset Tower Hotel and were holding hands and Selena was even spotted in his lap. It was obvious that the two were enjoying spending time with each other, but so far Selena isn’t admitting that they are more than friends. Samuel Krost used to date Gigi Hadid.

Selena Gomez dated Justin Bieber for so long that it is hard to think of her with someone else. She seems to be waiting it out and not sharing any details about her love life with fans just yet. They will have to wait on Selena to be ready to share the details. She is usually pretty private about the man in her life.

Music Times shares that Selena Gomez has been busy working on new music lately and has even been in the studio with Wiz Khalifa recently. A video came out on Snapchat that showed the two artists together in the studio, but so far they are not revealing any details about what is going on with them. Still, it seems fans think new music is coming. Selena just released an amazing album and seems to already be working on another one. Fans will likely jump at anything with Selena and Wiz Khalifa.

Are you surprised to hear that Selena Gomez is allegedly jealous of the relationship that Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris have? Do you think that Selena Gomez could be in a serious relationship already? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts.

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]