Kris Jenner At Fault For Rob Kardashian, Blac Chyna Initial Split: ‘KUWTK’ PR Showmance Tearing Family Apart?

Kris Jenner is said to have been at fault for Rob Kardashian’s initial split from Blac Chyna before deciding to reconcile, a source has revealed, stressing that the momager was no longer willing to see her children bicker and feud over Rob’s love interest.

According to several reports, the 60-year-old mother-of-five allegedly convinced her son to call it quits with Chyna for the simple fact that the relationship was beginning to have an effect on everybody in the family, particularly Kylie, who has been famously feuding with Blac Chyna over social media.

Chyna supposedly never got over the fact that her ex-boyfriend, Tyga, had left her for Kylie, who was only 17 when she allegedly started seeing the rapper, consequently leading the former stripper to make subliminal threats over Instagram towards the socialite.

The entire Kardashian family was stunned to have learned about Rob’s relationship with Chyna when the twosome first announced their romance in January, but it seems that Kris Jenner’s tactics briefly managed to get her son back on her side, through the act of endless conversations and some hefty presents.

“Kris is totally to blame for this. She stepped in and she shut their PR Romance down. Kris told Rob that she will not have any more internal family war. She let him know that she would only continue to help and support him if he puts the breaks on the online family-bashing bullsh*t.”

Several sources confirmed that Kris Jenner had bought her 28-year-old son a $2.3 million mansion out in Calabasas last month, so that he wouldn’t have to live with Blac Chyna after forming a plan on how she could intervene in their romance. Jenner wasn’t fond on the idea of having Rob Kardashian stay at Chyna’s home — if anything, she wanted to make sure he was set up with his own place, so that if the couple were to fall out or break up, Kardashian had his own home to return to.

While her intentions to end Rob Kardashian’s romance with Blac Chyna came from a positive place, Kris was said to have had no bad feelings toward the mother of her daughter’s boyfriend’s child. In fact, Jenner credits her dedication and love that evidently made Rob see sense again. With her support, the USC-graduate found the motivation to go to the gym regularly and eat healthy again. He is already said to have dropped a whopping 30 pounds.

The source concluded by saying, “Blac Chyna and Kris Jenner are on good terms and they do communicate,” insinuating that their spit had allowed Rob Kardashian to reconcile with his sisters, following a month-long feud that became rather unnecessary.

Now that Kris Jenner has gifted her son with an expensive home out in Calabasas, the reality star will have no reason to return to Khloé Kardashian’s home, where he had lived for three years. It will be interesting to see whether Rob will be able to continue his healthy routines and stay on the right path as he learns to take care of himself without the assistance of others.

Rob Kardashian has since spoken out about the breakup reports, claiming that he is still with his girlfriend, adding that they have decided to be much more private as they continue their relationship. Sources, on the other hand, state that the twosome did initially break up, but are planning to stay more private from now on for the sake of making the romance work.

Do you think Rob Kardashian’s relationship with Chyna will last this time? Or will the Kardashians be interfering once again, hoping to finally win their brother back?

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]