WWE Rumors, Spoilers: Big Last-Minute Surprise Being Teased For ‘Monday Night Raw’ Tonight

Two weeks ago, there was a huge surprise teased before Monday Night Raw, and it ended up being the return of Shane McMahon to WWE after six years away. Last week, The Undertaker returned after being absent for three months and helped build up their match at WrestleMania 32. Now, it appears as if another last-minute surprise is being teased for tonight’s Monday Night Raw. It may not be as big as Shane-O Mac’s return, but it will be a good one.

For years now, there has been an alleged WWE insider who goes by the name of “falconarrow” on Reddit. He’s been able to correctly predict some of the biggest happenings and give away spoilers that no one thought could be true.

Well, WrestleZone says that he is at it again and earlier on Monday, he posted something that is telling wrestling fans to be ready. It appears as if something big is happening on Raw once again, and this surprise will be a fun one.

“You’ll probably want to tune in.”

“Admittedly a bit more generic than the Shane surprise. Something tells me you will still enjoy it though.”

Now, there has not been a lot more to come from this post and nothing has really been elaborated on past this small bit of information. It’s just hard to turn away from this as falconarrow has correctly predicted many huge WWE happenings and even warned of Shane McMahon’s return.

wwe rumors spoilers monday night raw surprise shane mcmahon
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With WrestleMania 32 less than a month away, there could be just about anything and everything that could happen tonight. Roadblock is also coming up on Saturday night, and it may have something to do with that live special on WWE Network.

First, let’s look at the confirmed things set to happen on Monday Night Raw this evening:

  • Kevin Owens will likely find out his WrestleMania 32 opponent(s)
  • Brock Lesnar will be on the show (this may or may not happen)
  • Shane-O Mac will be on the show
  • The battle for the Divas Championship will be advanced
  • The Dean Ambrose/Triple H storyline will be advanced
  • A WWE Tag Title match will take place between The New Day and Y2AJ

Speaking of that WWE Tag Team Title match, it’s going to be interesting to see just how much falconarrow actually knows.

AJ Styles and Chris Jericho recently joined forces to create the new tag team of Y2AJ and they are now feuding with The New Day. It appears though that Jericho is heading for another heel turn and will betray Styles once again, which will set up another match between them, but this time at WrestleMania 32.

wwe rumors monday night raw heel turn chris jericho aj styles wrestlemania 32 match y2aj
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WWE released a shirt for the new tag team, and falconarrow was shocked by this news as he is in the mindset that Jericho’s heel turn is coming. Fansided reported that falconarrow commented on the shirt because he has said that Jericho is going to turn on his new tag partner and the shirts will become quite pointless.

Maybe WWE is just doing the hard-sell on the team to swerve the fans even more.

That being said, falconarrow had now predicted two really big things to take place on this week’s Monday Night Raw. With those two predictions, there is also the rumor that Mick Foley is coming back to WWE soon and will actually be involved in a storyline of some sort.

Still, no one knows what tonight’s surprise may be.

If falconarrow really is a WWE inside of some kind, he’s proven it so far and should a big “surprise” and the Jericho heel turn happen tonight, then it is even more solidified. Monday Night Raw is mere moments away and it could be a huge night yet again, and also an enjoyable one.

[Image via WWE]