What JoJo Fletcher Says To ‘Bachelor’ Ben Higgins At The Final Rose Ceremony Will Shock Fans — ‘Reality Steve’ Wrong?

Bachelor Ben Higgins has confirmed that he is engaged, but fans won’t find out if he picked JoJo Fletcher or Lauren Bushnell until the season finale airs on March 14.

Although Reality Steve‘s spoilers point to Ben getting down on one knee and proposing to Lauren, there is speculation that there will be a surprising twist at the final rose ceremony, and his spoilers are completely wrong.

Who did Ben really pick and what did JoJo say to him at the final rose ceremony that will have everyone talking next week?

[Warning: Bachelor season finale spoilers ahead]

When Ben told both JoJo and Lauren that he was in love with them during the overnight dates episode, fans made it clear on Twitter that they were disappointed that he decided to reveal his feelings before the rose ceremony.

Ben defended saying “I love you” to both girls during an interview with Us Weekly, stating that he waited for both JoJo and Lauren to tell him they were in love with him before he blurted out his true feelings — a validation of sorts.

“It wasn’t like I didn’t know I had feelings for them, but I think once I heard that from them… I could say openly to them, ‘Hey, I love you, too’ — it just needed to be said.”

However, his double “I love you” got Ben into a bit of a jam when the final rose ceremony rolled around. The taping took place last November and ABC‘s season finale preview shows that it was either a very hot day in Jamaica or Ben broke out in a sweat over his decision.

The red-faced and teary-eyed Bachelor had a big decision to make, and the reaction he got from JoJo is one that many fans won’t expect.

According to Us Weekly, Ben’s decision came down to a conversation with his parents, a few prayers, and the fiasco with JoJo’s brothers during their hometown date.

Although he fell in love with JoJo and said throughout the season that she always made him feel comfortable when they were together, he couldn’t picture marrying someone whose brothers “despised him.”

It appears that Reality Steve’s spoilers are correct — Ben chose Lauren in the end. However, JoJo’s reaction to getting dumped at the final rose ceremony may lead fans to believe that she wasn’t quite as invested in her relationship with Ben as he was.

Us Weeklys insider states that Ben shed many tears leading up to the break-up and after JoJo left, but she was very understanding and not angry at all.

When Ben finally faced JoJo, he told her he loved her, but followed that with a real buzzkill – “But there’s somebody else.”

She knew that Ben had to make a choice and despite the bad news, JoJo kept her cool, with the show’s insiders telling Us that she “wasn’t bitter” and totally understood why Ben would pick Lauren.

“She didn’t even ask why he said ‘I love you’ if he loved someone else.”

It sounds like JoJo was very understanding, but she wasn’t cold and unemotional as Becca Tilley was when Chris Soules sent her home at the Season 19 rose ceremony.

“She was upset… but she got it.”

Perhaps her close friendship with Lauren Bushnell throughout the season helped her understand — or she just wasn’t as into Ben as fans believed.

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Watch Ben struggle to make his final decision — and ultimately get engaged — when the Bachelor season finale airs on March 14 at 8 p.m. ET. Find out how JoJo really felt right after the finale when she sits down with Ben on the live After the Final Rose special at 10 p.m. ET.

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