Rob Kardashian’s Instagram Shades Kim, Kanye, And North All At Once

The 28-year-old Kardashian “problem boy,” Rob Kardashian, has a lot of love for life, but one of his favorite pastimes is ripping on members of the extended Kardashian family. Rob has become infamous for his sometimes harsh and always funny jokes and prods at the Kardashian clan of sisters, and we all know he loves to rub it in when they slip up. Rob’s Instagram was the setting for his latest adventure in trouble making. Kardashian’s Instagram post targeted not just one of his sisters, Kim Kardashian, but his adorable little niece, North West, and her father Kanye West as well.

This time, the image Rob used as his Instagram ammunition didn’t directly feature Kanye, but it didn’t have to to make the message clear. The image, reported by Hollywood Life, features North West taking an adorable toddler tumble while Kim “strolled a few steps ahead,” and Rob captioned it, “You ain’t got no f***ing yeezys?” above the pic.

The Instagram image may be a little open to interpretation, but Business Insider suggests it’s clearly a shot at Rob’s sister Kim and his brother-in-law Kanye. According to online gossip site 360 Nobs, the West family is “in Rob’s trash can.”

Whether or not the only Kardashian brother feels bitter about being left out of the family clothing line by Kanye is unclear, but he certainly feels bitter about being related to the Kardashian girls. His goal here is to get back at Yeezy himself and to take a dig at Kim and North, for sure.

While the words themselves are a dig at Kanye, the picture is a completely different story. The picture has another caption that simply reads “nahhhhhh” followed by several smiley faces, which are obviously a sign that Rob thinks North taking a faceplant is hilarious. It probably helps that she took the dive while under Kim’s supervision, as Rob always appreciates an opportunity to point out his sister’s flaws. This picture is a whole new level, but it doesn’t look like Rob intends to slow down anytime soon.

The timing of the image is a little random, as there doesn’t seem to be any grand trigger or event that would have upset Rob. Just hours before the image was shared, Us Magazine reports that Rob mysteriously deleted all of his Instagram pictures from his account, including every picture of Rob’s girlfriend (and possible baby-mama) Blac Chyna. This big change had fans of Kardashian and Chyna a little bit worried about the future of the couple, especially following a strange message Blac made on her own Instagram recently.

However, Rob was having none of this theorizing and was adamant that he and Blac are still madly in love. Good news for fans of the couple and potentially unpleasant news for the Kardashians. A Kardashian sibling ditching the family and hooking up with an infamous rival? Sounds just like Rob and Blac.

Rob’s health has improved a lot since he and Blac Chyna got together, however, his relationship with the Kardashian family has deteriorated super quickly as well. Blac’s own feud with Kim and her Kardashian and Jenner sisters has exploded since she hooked up with Rob. It looks like the two must bond over their mutual dislike for the Kardashians. Chyna and Rob probably collaborated on Rob’s latest dig at his sisters, since the two are still together. However, it’s not like Rob has ever been afraid to speak his mind, no matter who was listening and what he was saying.

[Photo by Star Max/AP]