‘Misfit Garage’ Gears Up For A New Season

The season premiere, titled “Launching a ’69 Satellite,” kicks off with the crew from Fired Up Garage acquiring what is quickly labeled as a “white whale.” The plan is to take the ’69 Plymouth Satellite and turn it into a full-blown racer with a 750-hp big block 440 engine. Meanwhile, Thomas Weeks has his eyes on a ’32 Ford five-window, which is owned by rival Richard Rawlings. Thomas thinks the Ford will be an easy flip that will bring in some quick cash. A humorous sneak-peek video clip shows Weeks trying to get Yu-Lan “Sue” Martin, who does all their upholstery work, to give them a good price on some new seats for the car.

TV Ruckus shared that on this season of Misfit Garage that Thomas Weeks, Tom Smith, Jordan Butler, and Kevin Clark are more determined than ever to make their business a success. The Misfit Garage team wants to take on even bigger, better, and faster builds. Only then does the Misfit Garage crew feel they can begin to compete against Fast N’ Loud’s rather intimidating leader, Richard Rawlings. The two competitors will eventually collide when the Misfit Garage crew agrees to take on a build for a crew member of the Gas Monkey Garage team.

The competition is so fierce that the Misfit Garage mechanics even decide to open the first Fired Up Garage food truck to go against Rawlings’ popular Gas Monkey Bar and Grill. Tom decides to take charge of the operation, believing himself to be a talented chef and all around “foodie.” In typical Misfit Garage style, the team will find that this endeavor is more difficult than they anticipated, as they crash into some major obstacles.

For those unfamiliar with this popular series, Misfit Garage follows a talented, if somewhat dysfunctional, group of mechanics who decided to set up their own garage. At one time, Butler and Smith worked for Rawlings and after he fired them, they set a goal to become a major competitor that can go toe-to-toe with Rawlings and his very successful Gas Monkey Garage. Now, they have teamed up as equal partners with Weeks and Clark, and each mechanic brings his own specialized set of skills to the Misfit Garage team.

Thomas Weeks runs the day-to-day operations of the Misfit Garage shop, and he also tries to keep the crew focused and on task. According to Discovery’s page on Misfit Garage, Weeks grew up watching his father, who was a mechanic and military officer, work on cars. His father gave Weeks his first vehicle at age 15, but the engine was missing. His father made a deal with him that if Thomas would replace the engine, he could have the truck. In no time at all, Weeks had the truck up and running. He has always believed that cars are one of the best investments a person can have, and knows the dynamics of the car industry inside and out.

Like Weeks, master mechanics Kevin Clark, Tom Smith, and Jordan Butler have all worked on cars practically since they were kids. Besides entertaining the rest of the Misfit Garage crew with his hilarious antics and working on cars, Smith also enjoys reading and is addicted to Facebook. The multi-talented Jordan Butler has degrees in fabrication, auto body collision, and street rodding.

With so much on the line, this could be the last chance the Misfit Garage team gets to prove to themselves and everyone else that they do have what it takes to make it in the tough world of producing some of the best custom street rods around.

Are you a fan of Misfit Garage? Leave your comments, thoughts, and opinions below. The season premiere of Misfit Garage is Monday, March 7, at 10 p.m. ET on the Discovery network.

[Image via Misfit Garage/Facebook]