Rocco Ritchie: Madonna Dedicates Performance To Estranged 15-Year-Old Son, Breaks Down

Rocco Ritchie and his mom, Madonna, have a strained relationship due to a very nasty custody battle between Madonna and her ex, Guy Ritchie. According to E! News, the two have been battling it out in court after a judge ruled that Rocco should be with his mother in New York City. Guy filed a motion after the ruling, stating that his son, Rocco, wanted to stay in London, where he had already been going to school. The judge overseeing the case has urged Madonna and Guy to come to an agreement that is “in the best interest of their son.” So far, no dice.

As you can probably imagine, this has hit Madonna pretty hard. Being without her son has been heartbreaking for her — and she broke down while on stage this weekend.

According to TMZ, Madonna dedicated the song La Vie en Rose to Rocco Ritchie during her show in Auckland, New Zealand, on Friday night.

“That is my son, who I mentioned earlier. He is actually 15 and it’s true, there is no love stronger than a mother for her son. And, if I talk about him too much, I might cry. But I would like to dedicate this song to him. It’s a love song for a man, but I know he’ll be one, one day. I hope he hears this somewhere and knows how much I miss him,” Madonna told the crowd.

Rocco Ritchie has not seen his mom in quite some time. This all started back in December, when Rocco left his mom and flew to London to be with his dad. Although he was supposed to fly to the United States to spend Christmas with his mom, Rocco decided to stay in London with Guy Ritchie.

And while you might think that Rocco misses his mom, he seems to be doing just fine with the distance between them. According to Mail Online, Rocco was spotted hanging out with some friends over the weekend, just trying to be a normal teenager.

“Appearing to be letting the family troubles wash over him, the teenager cut a relaxed figure in a hoodie and trainers this week. The trio strolled along the footpath at a leisurely pace, appearing to have no pressing plans, other than to hang out. He certainly didn’t seem to have plans to see his mother on Mother’s Day as she continues the Rebel Tour in New Zealand,” reports Mail Online.

It is unclear how much say Rocco Ritchie has in his own future, but he certainly is old enough to tell his parents what he wants. Although Madonna and Guy are fighting for custody of their son, the judge in the case seems to realize that the two have to put aside their bitterness to give their son what is best for him.

Many people feel as though there simply has to be some kind of happy medium.

Sources say that Rocco Ritchie is refusing to acknowledge his mom’s pleas for him to live with her. They add that Madonna is very upset, but that she has pretty much accepted the fact that Rocco wants to live his life in London. That doesn’t mean, however, that Madonna is giving up hope.

“The fact is Madonna has now accepted Rocco isn’t coming home and that his home is now with his dad. Rocco wants to be with his dad but she won’t give up being his mother. She won’t stop fighting to try to make sure Rocco is kept safe and has what he needs. She can’t understand why it has come to this. Her world has been shattered,” a source close to Madonna told Mail Online.

It is presumed that Rocco Ritchie isn’t even talking to his mom at this point in time. Madonna is currently on tour.

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