NBA Rumors: LeBron James Could Leave Cleveland And Go To Lakers, Heat, Or Knicks

LeBron James is only in his second season back with the Cleveland Cavaliers after spending four down in South Beach. The thing is, it is becoming more and more obvious that he isn’t happy with the Cavs and could very well leave in free agency this summer, but where would he go? Some believe he will end up with the New York Knicks. Perhaps he will return to Miami. Are the L.A. Lakers really an option for one of the greatest players in NBA history?

In the past week alone, James headed down to Miami to work out with Dwyane Wade and brushed it off as being a big deal. He said he did it because Wade is one of his best friends and well, “cause I want to.”

Since then, James has also been posting some random and cryptic tweets. The latest of which came on Sunday morning and really is beginning to make people think that Cleveland is wearing thin on the NBA superstar.

Apparently, others are taking stabs at what his tweets may mean, but James isn’t commenting on them or elaborating at all. Last week, the first cryptic tweet came out and “The King” simply said “no” when asked to explain it.

Many have started assuming this means he will want to leave Cleveland for a second time in his NBA career and continue on elsewhere. According to the Big Lead, ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith sees that as a real possibility and knows that LeBron James is going to do whatever he wants.

Fox Sports thinks James will be staying put in Cleveland because his persona is too big and his brand would suffer too much if he did leave. It’s known that James cares a lot about his brand, but is he willing to stay somewhere he isn’t happy and play with a team not supporting him on the court?

Stephen A. Smith doesn’t think so.

“What everybody who’s close to him continuously reminds me of is: ‘don’t you dare take LeBron for granted or think he’s trapped into staying in Cleveland just because he came back. Don’t put it past him that he’ll get so annoyed that he’ll leave again if he feels like he’s being taken for granted, ran into the ground and, essentially, misused.”

Now, if LeBron James does decide this is his last season with the Cleveland Cavaliers, where would he go? Better yet, what teams in the NBA could possibly afford him? Well, there are a few options out there and some make a lot of sense.

nba rumors lebron james cleveland cavaliers lakers heat knicks
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The LA Lakers are truly a possible option, and could very well end up going after him, but they may have to make a choice. Kobe Bryant’s retirement opens up a large chunk of money, and also a huge hole on the roster that needs to be filled with some true star power.

It’s already known that the Lakers will be chasing Kevin Durant once he becomes a free agent, but would they prefer LeBron James? Fansided actually dreams about the possibility that the Lakers could land both James and Durant due to the salary cap rising from $70 million to around $92 million for next season.

Obviously, the Miami Heat are another option for LeBron James, as he still is good friends with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh. Putting the “Big Three” back together for one more run is something that the franchise and fans in Miami would surely want to see.

nba rumors lebron james cleveland cavaliers lakers heat knicks dwayne wade chris bosh
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Maybe James could end up with the New York Knicks during their youth movement and partner up with Carmelo Anthony.

The LA Clippers are likely going to look to unload Blake Griffin next season in a trade, and CP3 matches up well with “The King.”

As strong as the Golden State Warriors have become with Stephen Curry leading the way, LeBron James needs to land with a stronger team. He’s in prime, but he needs the surrounding help and focus and drive to win another championship.

Currently, LeBron James is not getting that with the Cleveland Cavaliers and he has let it be known, but in somewhat subtle fashion. The NBA rumors are swirling and James could leave the Cavs and head to Los Angeles or Miami or the Knicks, but only time will tell.

[Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images]