Katt Williams Fight Video: Katt Punches Man, Williams Gets Stomped, YouTube Video Gets 3,000 Views

Katt Williams is having a difficult week. Several videos of Katt punching a man have surfaced online, such as the one titled “Katt Williams Sucker Punches Someone At A Philly Nightclub” that’s attached to this article, and has swelled to nearly 3,000 views within hours of being posted on YouTube on Monday, March 7. Williams can be seen flying and launching himself across the stage to punch a man who seemingly doesn’t suspect the punch from Katt.

That video was recorded at The Trocadero in Philly, which is a concert venue. Indeed, the Facebook page of The Trocadero announced on March 4 at 5:20 p.m ET that a concert featuring special guests such as Jadakiss, Lil’ Mo, Dave East, and Chill Moody had been added as support for Sunday’s Real Beanie Sigel & Jahlil Beats‪#‎TopShottaConcert‬. The tickets were $40 at the door.

There’s no telling what led up to Katt’s latest tirade, however, Williams describes why he punched a pool store employee in the below video, which shows funny interactions between Katt and Kevin Hart. Williams challenged Kevin to several rap battle contests or comedic routine contests. Katt also described that he was defending his race and claimed he was called the N-word by a pool store employee who had only been employed at the store for five days. Williams said the man wanted Katt to punch him so that he could send Katt to jail.

Warning: The below video contains language that might be offensive to some viewers.

The above police booking photo of Katt features Williams after his arrest. The mugshot, released by the Gainesville Police Department, was taken on Monday, March 1. There was an altercation between the famous comedian and a pool supply store worker that ended with Katt laying down in the street, as Williams describes in the above video, and awaiting the police to arrest him after that fight.

According to Hall County sheriff’s Deputy Nicole Bailes, that incident means Katt is staring at a misdemeanor battery charge. Williams was initially held on $5,000 bond before being released. In the above video, Williams speaks about never failing a drug test and not being able to do cocaine because of only one functioning nostril. Williams admitted to smoking marijuana.

As for the Katt Williams fight video from the Beanie Sigel show in Philadelphia, as reported by the Source, Katt can be seen getting lightly kicked in the head after Williams is on the ground on the stage, presumably after the punch had landed. Katt doesn’t appear to fight back as he remains on the ground, protecting his face. Another video, titled “Katt Williams Getting Stomped Out In Philly,” has swelled to more than 1,000 views. It shows Katt getting kicked and the crowd asking who it is getting stomped and another voice that tells those stomping Williams to “chill, chill, chill.”

Meanwhile, the “Weekend Update” segment on SNL featured Jay Pharoah as Katt, Kevin Hart, and a plethora of other comedians. Jay was spot on as he performed impressions of Eddie Murphy, Bernie Mac, and even Hannibal Buress.

With the video of Katt punching a man gaining steam online, folks are reacting. On Facebook, Tarwin Walker said about the Katt video that perhaps Williams should have thought twice about picking a fight in Philly.

“Damn Bro what was you thinking picking a fight with Beanie Sigel’s people in his hometown, one of the worst towns to ever have issues in, hell they probably already had the evil eye on you, for what you said bout the other hometown boy cuz isn’t Kevin Hart from Philly?”

[Photo by Gainesville Police Department/AP]