February 3, 2017
‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers Season 6 Episode 13: Forget The New Normal [Videos]

The Walking Dead has breached a line that there is no coming back from. In Episode 13, titled "Forget," the core TWD characters are about to find just how far over the line they have gone and what it takes to get back to some resemblance of a better world.

For hardcore fans of The Walking Dead, you know there really is no going back from this. The Saviors and their fabled doom and gloom leader Negan have been dealt the first blow, and it happened by surprise. Fans of The Walking Dead comic series know that that is just too much for the proud leader to handle, so the war has just started. The battle for supreme dominance over the living is about to be fought on all fronts, including Alexandria and the Hilltop.

AMC has released a few details about Episode 13, and they have a somewhat vague description. But Walking Dead fans are sure to be able to fill in the blank.
Before we start talking about Episode 13, let's just play a little catch up about where the core TWD group has been so far, according to Entertainment Weekly.

It all started in the last episode with Rick laying his case out to the core and the people of Alexandria. To survive, what they needed to do was a cut and dry situation. They had to align with the people of the Hilltop and pool their resources for the greater good of both groups. The Hilltoppers needed help with a local villain and his group, which is what led the core to the Saviors in hopes of taking them out and stabilizing the area for the living.

It did not take much to get the core Walking Dead group on board with the planned action, and with the support of people in Alexandria, they had a militia ready to take the fight to the Saviors.

The Walking Dead has taken a few episodes to stand away from the walker threat and turned its attention to the living threat. The first half of Season 6 was all about the walker war. The second half is all about the rise of Negan and the war with his people.

That episode started out fairly easy for the core. They went in and started taking out the Saviors, mostly incognito and with the element of surprise on their side. But a fire alarm put an end to that, and the group had to scatter and fight to complete the mission. It was indeed a hard fought battle, but what good would a Walking Dead episode be if it were just all that easy? Honestly, the core has not seen anything to be easy on the show, and that would have been just a slap in the face to fans.

But in the end, Alexandria and the core were victorious taking out the Saviors' compound. Although they did not know what Negan looked like, they all thought that he was dead, whoever he was.

That episode of The Walking Dead really came down to the last few minutes when they shot a man who had a radio on him outside. Through the radio, there was someone telling him to lay down their weapons, because they had Maggie and Carol as leverage.

So in Episode 13 of The Walking Dead, the war is about to broaden, and they need some kind of win just stay on course. The core does not realize how big the giant is, and in the grand scheme of things, they only shot an arrow into its foot.

There is also the question of what they consider the new normal. The core and the people of Alexandria are looking for what they now consider a new civilization, and how they will survive in it on The Walking Dead.

[Image via AMC]