Ben Higgins’ Final Rose Spoilers: ‘Bachelor’ Finale Brings Blindside, Heartbreak As A Big Decision Is Made Between Lauren And JoJo

It is time for Ben Higgins’ final rose ceremony on ABC’s The Bachelor 2016 season. Lauren Bushnell and JoJo Fletcher are the last two bachelorettes vying for that rose, and there are some intense moments ahead in the March 14 episode. What Bachelor spoilers are available for this supposed jaw-dropper?

TV Guide confirms Bachelor spoilers that Ben Higgins will introduce both Lauren Bushnell and JoJo Fletcher to his parents. Both ladies will get last chance dates with Ben as well, and given the strong emotions Higgins expressed during the Episode 9 overnight dates, most would imagine that these last dates will be both romantic and intense.

Viewers have seen the intense Bachelor spoiler previews detailing that Higgins will struggle as he makes his final decision. He will talk to his parents about the strong feelings he feels for both Lauren and JoJo, and he will shed some tears in the process. Some teasers have shown Ben bidding farewell to his runner-up, without identifying who she is, and seemingly worrying that he is making a mistake.

Does Higgins pull a “Mesnick” in this last episode by picking one lady, then switching back over to his runner-up? The show is certainly trying to tease that this may be the case, but Reality Steve’s spoilers say nothing of the sort happens. Gossip guru Steve Carbone has consistently said in his Bachelor spoilers that Ben cuts one bachelorette, gives the rose to the other, proposes, and that they are still together now. Ben has confirmed that he is engaged, and that the relationship is going well, so Higgins’ fans are dying to see it play out on-screen.

So, which lady is said to score Higgins’ final rose? The Bachelor spoilers indicate that Lauren gets the rose and proposal, and Reality Steve’s spoilers say that there is no shocking flip-flop at that last rose ceremony. What about that phone call Ben is shown making in these last moments?

Reality Steve’s Bachelor spoilers indicate that he has not learned the specifics about this phone call. The network teases that Higgins’ phone call could change everything, but Carbone says he is absolutely certain that is not really the case. Does Ben call his mom as many are speculating? People are definitely buzzing about this tidbit, but chances are that it is nothing nearly as dramatic or impactful as the previews are trying to tease.

Monday also brings the “After the Final Rose” special, and Bachelor spoilers confirm that both JoJo and Lauren will be talking about their experiences on the show. If the show follows the typical format, and if Reality Steve’s spoilers are accurate, JoJo will get a chance to talk with Ben and then later Higgins and his fiancee will reunite on the stage to share updates about their relationship.

It is also likely that ABC will formally announce their decision regarding the Bachelorette 2016 lead. Spoilers detail that Higgins’ third-place finisher,Caila Quinn, got the nod for this spring’s season, a decision that is not entirely embraced by “Bachelor Nation.” Many were rooting for Ben’s runner-up JoJo to get the gig, but Caila has been spotted filming and Reality Steve’s spoilers indicate that the network has made the decision.

Will Reality Steve’s spoilers regarding Higgins’ final rose be accurate? How are Ben and Lauren doing now and will they be able to make their relationship last? Viewers have enjoyed this season and cannot wait to see how the finale plays out on March 14.

There are sure to be teasers pointing toward a blindside for the viewers, though so far, it looks like JoJo Fletcher may be the one most blindsided by how this last rose ceremony plays out. Stay tuned for additional tidbits leading into the last episode and don’t miss a minute of the action as Ben Higgins makes his choice on the finale of ABC’s The Bachelor 2016 season.

[Image via Ben Higgins’ Instagram]