Nicki Minaj Celebrated Her 50 Million Instagram Followers With The Perfect Picture

Nicki Minaj has a reputation for colorful celebrations, and the “Anacoda” singer didn’t disappoint when she reached the 50 million followers mark on Instagram today, Complex reported on Sunday.

Fifty million followers is an enormous amount of individuals to follow a single account, and is something only a handful of celebrities can claim. To put that number in perspective, the 50 million Nicki Minaj followers outnumber the population of everyone living in the West Coast states – California, Washington, and Oregon – combined.

Nicki Minaj celebrated the milestone achievement by posting two pictures that truly show her followers how different her image can be altered on a daily basis. The first picture Nicki Minaj shared on her Instagram account showed a progression of hair colors with a special caption to thank her 50 million followers.

Shortly after that post, Nicki Minaj shared another image with two of her favorite people – herself. In a nutshell, Nicki Minaj described how her public persona is perceived without ever using a word.

But she did choose words to describe the significant event. “Celebrating #50Million on IG with my BFF,” perfectly captured the essence of an artist that is often referred to affectionately with a royal nickname.

Celebrating #50Million on IG with my BFF ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

A photo posted by Nicki Minaj (@nickiminaj) on

Although the accomplishment is impressive, having 50 million followers does not put Nicki Minaj at the top of the most-followed account. That honor goes to Taylor Swift who has more than 68 million followers at present. Kim Kardashian West – who at one point held the honor until last year – has 62 million followers. Kendall Jenner also recently passed the 50 million followers mark within the last two weeks, giving this exclusive club yet another member, The Mirror reported.

Nicki Minaj has grown her 50 million followers by being a magnet for controversy, whether intentional or incidental. One such occurrence of an incidental controversy brewing happened at a Philadelphia 76ers game in January. During the contest, the cameras turned to focus on Nicki Minaj and current beau Meek Mill. The announcers seemed to cast shade on Meek Mill as they ogled over having the “Starships” singer in attendance.

Some controversy, however, is Nicki Minaj finding faults and bringing them to everyone’s attention. That’s already happened a couple of times over the past few months, including a Twitter dust-up with Teen Mom‘s Farrah Abraham in January over comments Abraham made on the TV series, The Inquisitr reported.

That was followed by a controversy conjured up when Nicki Minaj took to her Instagram account and shared an image of a Barbie Doll commissioned in the singer’s image around the same time Zendaya had the honor bestowed upon her. Fans rushed to Zendaya’s defense, telling Nicki Minaj that she infringed on the Disney starlet’s celebration. Nicki Minaj mostly escaped that controversy without any issues or loss of followers.

Outside of controversy, Nicki Minaj will be sharing more pictures and videos of her busy life with her 50 million followers on Instagram. Up next for the “Super Bass” singer is a reported guest appearance on the Justin Bieber Purpose tour that kicks off March 9, 2016 in Washington, Hollywood Life reported. The two singers collaborated on “Beauty And A Beat,” and the 50 million followers could reasonably expect to see some footage of Nicki Minaj at the concert.

Additionally, Nicki Minaj is currently working as a producer on a TV show loosely based on her childhood called Nicki. The Freeform series is scheduled to debut this year as it follows a young Minaj – played by Ariana Neal – in a sitcom format for viewers.

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[Photo by Bryan Steffy/Getty Images]