Jada Pinkett Smith Finally Answers Back Regarding Chris Rock’s Oscar Jokes

The 88th Academy Awards are long over, but the issues that involved #OscarsSoWhite still linger. Jada Pinkett Smith, who was very vocal about boycotting this year’s Oscars, gave a laid-back answer to photographers on Saturday when they asked her what she thought about Oscars host Chris Rock cracking jokes about her and husband Will Smith.

Pinkett Smith was with her teenage daughter, Willow, and their handlers while walking through Los Angeles International Airport when photographers accosted her, as reported by E Online. Pinkett Smith appeared calm throughout the clip and kept on walking to her destination as photographers shot photos of her, when one of them asked if she had any thoughts about what happened at last Sunday’s Oscar ceremony. Pinkett Smith gave a polite response while entering the airport.

“It comes with the territory, sweetheart…Hey look, it comes with the territory but we gotta keep it moving. We gotta keep it moving. We gotta keep it moving. There’s a lot of stuff we gotta handle, a lot of stuff in our world right now. We gotta keep it moving.”

Will Smith has kept quiet about the whole thing. Smith is filming his latest movie, Collateral Beauty, in New York City last week. The Suicide Squad actor didn’t give an actual response, he only smiled and threw out a peace sign when asked about Rock’s commentary.

The Smiths have found themselves in the #OscarsSoWhite spotlight ever since the Oscar nominations came out in January. This year’s Oscars was met with controversy again when many of the nominations lacked people of color.

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Jada Pinkett Smith spoke out about her disappointment over the lack of diversity among the nominees and that her husband was not nominated for his work in Concussion. Pinkett Smith even mentioned a boycott of the Oscars to protest the lack of diversity the Academy continues to display.

The Smiths did keep their word about not showing up at this year’s Oscars and the after parties, and it gave comedian Chris Rock material to include during his hosting duties.

“Jada said she’s not coming. I was like, ‘isn’t she on TV show?’ Jada’s gonna boycott the Oscars? Jada boycotting the Oscars is like me boycotting Rihanna’s panties. I wasn’t invited!”

Rock is not the only person to take a shot at the Smiths. Actress Janet Hubert, who once starred with Will Smith on the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air sitcom before being replaced mid-way through the series, had her own input on Jada Pinkett Smith’s proposal to boycott the Oscars.

Hubert posted a video message on her Facebook page where she blasted Pinkett Smith for being too concerned about her husband’s nomination snub when there are other major issues among the African-American community.

People are dying. Our boys are being shot left and right. People are starving. People are trying to pay bills. And you’re talking about some mother******g actors and Oscars. It just ain’t that deep.”

Jada Pinkett Smith has been keeping a low profile ever since she spoke out about the #OscarsSoWhite controversy. Pinkett Smith and her daughter were heading out to Paris on Sunday to catch the rest of Paris’ Fashion Week, which is the first time she has been seen in public since she made her Oscar boycott comments.

Meanwhile, fans of the 44-year-old actress can look forward to her return to the hit show Gotham, where she plays gangster Fish Mooney on the Fox series. Mooney was supposedly killed off at the end of last season, but in January, a show representative confirmed to TV Line that Pinkett Smith will return for several episodes during the second half of Gotham’s current season.

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