WWE News: Vince McMahon Very High On WWE Diva Sasha Banks, Still Set To Win Diva’s Title At WrestleMania 32?

When it comes to female wrestling, it seems WWE has lagged behind for a very long time. They used to have a wonderful division in the late 90s and the early 2000s, but some poor hirings left WWE with women who were beautiful but really couldn’t wrestle. Those who did end up picking it up well seemed to retire right when they became great with their in-ring work. Triple H wanted to fix this, thus, he went out and hired better talent, but he also brought in Sara Del Rey to help train the ladies.

Sara is known as a great independent wrestler in her own right, as she is quite decorated from her time in the squared circle. Almost every woman who has trained under her credits the former wrestler with how good they are today. Sasha Banks was brought in very young and the only thing known about her was that she was Snoop Dogg’s cousin and she had some wrestling work in her background for about a year.

WWE brought her in very young, so it was thought that she would be a grooming project and she would take time to become great. This was a “yes” and “no” situation, as she took a bit of time but not as much as WWE thought it would take. Once she began her “Boss” gimmick, she became a fan favorite and has remained such since, even while being heel. Now, WWE has pretty much forced a babyface turn as fans do not want to boo her and demand her presence on a weekly basis with “we want Sasha” chants.


Now, fans know that Vince McMahon is a big fan. According to Ringside News, due to botches in their matches, management told Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch to “slow down” to avoid such things. The feeling among many is that both are impressive but they try to do too much and thus, botch moves. The report also claims that Vince is high on Sasha Banks and feels she is so good in the ring that she is better than some of the men.

This is pretty high praise by the Chairman, who has really buried the female wrestling division since it went south in the model faze. With WWE NXT changing the game for females, WWE has been pretty much forced to change how they treat women on the main roster. There is a major female movement in not just sports but all of entertainment as well. We’re seeing all female casts or remakes of movies that were ironically male centered.

Due to WWE literally being “sports entertainment,” they had to hop on the bandwagon or they would be left behind. That is not something WWE can continue to do. They hopped on it quicker than most, which is surprising. However, they are still not letting the girls do what they are capable of. It has been rumored that many go from NXT and seem different on the main roster, specifically many of the women. People like Paige and others just seem different.

Bayley Banks

The reason for this is that many are told they cannot do the things they did on NXT once they come to the main roster. They have to change a lot of what they do. The crazy cool mat and core wrestling stuff we saw in NXT during the infamous Sasha Banks and Bayley matches are not allowed by WWE on the main roster for whatever reason. The moment WWE does not stop the women from doing their best work on television will be the moment fans can truly see the divas’ revolution.

Until then, no main roster female match is going to hold a candle to what we see in “developmental.” It is sad when the place that many consider to be a place of learning is better than the place that the talent aspire to go to.

As for Sasha Banks and her WWE future, the plan as of now is to have her capture the WWE Divas Championship at WrestleMania 32. It is unknown what WWE plans to do with her and the title after Mania. Many have assumed WWE will bring Bayley up and see if they cannot build on their NXT glory a bit for the main roster audience. It would make sense, as Bayley is rumored to be on the main roster right after WrestleMania.

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