Adele Has More Music On The Horizon — Learn The Singer’s Plans For New Material

Adele has just released her widely successful album 25, but there is still a possibility that more new music will be heard from the British singer before the year is over.

Despite this massive success 25 has enjoyed, Adele has already started to hint about her next project. According to The Independent, Adele announced the news during a concert in Belfast, Ireland.

“There may be a new song towards the end of the shows.” She was quick to explain that nothing was solid yet, adding, “I haven’t written anything yet, though!”

Furthermore, NME stated that at the same concert, Adele explained why she was able to focus so much on her music right now. For her, it’s about balance and the fact that her personal life, especially her three-year-old son Angelo, is so wonderful. Adele told the crowd what her new motivation is now that she is a mother.

“In between my albums, I popped out a baby. It is the greatest thing I ever did. Now I have complete purpose. I want him to be proud of me and understand why I do this.”

Adele seems to have found that unique blend of balance between success, personal life and professional goals. She seems to be genuinely enjoying the round of promotion she’s been doing. In January, Adele appeared on The Late, Late Show with James Corden in a hilarious carpool karaoke skit.

February then saw Adele on The Ellen DeGeneres Show parroting lines at a Jamba Juice. The singer was made to eat wheatgrass and ask for a large smoothie but in a small cup.

While Adele seems ready to make more music soon, she has been choosy about what projects she collaborates on. According to NME, rapper Macklemore asked Adele to sing on his new album, This Unruly Mess I’ve Made. Adele politely declined, leaving Macklemore to ask fellow Brit Ed Sheeran to add his vocals instead. Macklemore didn’t seem hurt though by the snub.

“I’m sure that there were times that we never heard back from somebody’s manager or something like that.”

Another missed collaboration was with legendary Phil Collins. While the two began working on material for the album 25, Adele ultimately felt it wasn’t the right fit. In an interview with People, Phil Collins explains the reasoning Adele did not include the song on her current album.

“I later found out – or just recently since she’s been doing press for this new album – that it was too early for her, she wasn’t ready. I was grateful for her explaining, because it does look like I didn’t pass the audition.”

Adele’s album 25, written primarily when the singer was 25 years old, was released in November and became the fastest-selling album in the U.K., the U.S., and Australia. It has sold almost 20 million copies worldwide. In conjunction with the release of 25, Adele will begin her tour – named Adele Live 2016– this March in England and will go on to visit other European countries including Spain, Germany and France.

After a few weeks break, Adele will take her tour to North America, performing at American cities including Seattle, Los Angeles and Boston before finishing in Houston. Her final tour date is in Mexico City on November 15, 2016.

Tickets for all of the dates on Adele’s tour sold out within minutes, leaving many fans to turn to ticket re-sells in the hope of seeing the singer. Fans are hopeful that more dates will be added, but with a very full tour schedule, they might have to hope that Adele will tour again in 2017.

The album 25 has also helped Adele win a series of awards, including Best British Female Solo Artist and Best British Album at the 2016 Brit Awards.

Do you think Adele will complete another album while on tour this year? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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