Green Bay Packers Should Try To Acquire TE Martellus Bennett

The Green Bay Packers are heading into the 2016 NFL offseason with quite a few needs on their roster. They had a very difficult season in 2015 from an injury standpoint, and ended up getting knocked out of the playoffs in overtime against the Arizona Cardinals. It was an impressive run, given all of the issues that they were dealing with, but if they want to get back to that point, it will take a few offseason moves.

One of those moves needs to be improving the tight end position. Richard Rodgers was the starter last season, which isn’t an ideal situation for the Packers.

According to a report from Adam Schefter of ESPN, Martellus Bennett is on the trade market, and the Packers should try to acquire him from the Chicago Bears. There is a chance that the Bears will release him, which would make him a priority on the free agency market for Green Bay.

Bennett is one of the more underrated tight ends in the entire NFL and would fit perfectly in Green Bay.

Last season with the Bears, Bennett ended up catching 53 passes for 439 yards and three touchdowns. It was not the big season that many expected, although it was obvious that he didn’t fit into Adam Gase’s system. Just two years ago in 2014 with Chicago, Bennett totaled 90 receptions for 916 yards and six touchdowns.

Simply thinking about Bennett being a target for Aaron Rodgers is an exciting thing for Green Bay fans. Rodgers hasn’t had anywhere near the type of tight end that Bennett is capable of being, even back when they had Jermichael Finley. Bennett and Finley are similar players, but Bennett would be a much more consistent piece for the Packers.

After seeing how poorly the Packers’ offense played last season after Jordy Nelson went down with a torn ACL, Green Bay has to bring in more help for Rodgers. Bennett may not be an electrifying wide receiver like Nelson, but at 6-foot-6 and 273 pounds would bring the type of big target that would have made a massive difference as a security blanket.

Green Bay has money to spend this offseason and draft picks to move if they find a player they want. Bennett is the type of impact player that the Packers will have to target if they want to get back to the top of the NFC North.

There have been no reports about what kind of trade value the Bears are asking for in return for Bennett.

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Richard Rodgers had a solid all-around season for the Packers and would be an above average No. 2 tight end. He finished the 2015 season with 58 receptions for 510 yards and eight touchdowns. The biggest play of the season also belonged to Rodgers, as he caught the infamous hail mary against the Detroit Lions.

Green Bay will once again be one of the top teams in the NFC next season. Having the best quarterback in the league will keep them towards the top of the conference nearly every season. That being said, putting the best team possible around the best quarterback is vital.

Ted Thompson has not been too aggressive in offseason action throughout his career in Green Bay. He has not tried to dip into free agency much or make big trades, but he has to change his thought process this offseason.

It has become obvious that the Packers aren’t going to win another championship without improving their roster. Even if it takes trade assets or money to improve the team, Green Bay has to go all out to have the best chance at another title.

Expect to hear plenty of rumors come out of Green Bay this offseason. They are so close to being Super Bowl contenders once again and that will help push them to be more aggressive. Bennett needs to be strongly considered as a target this offseason and would help take their offense to the next level.

Do you think that the Green Bay Packers should try to acquire Martellus Bennett? Would he be one of the missing pieces in the Packers’ offense?

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