‘Zootopia’ Officially A Box Office Hit: Whopping $70 Million-Plus Weekend Debut Expected

It’s official, movie lovers. Zootopia rules! Debuting yesterday, Disney’s newest release grossed a whopping $19 million on opening day. If ticket sales for Saturday and Sunday turn out to be equally as impressive, this family-friendly film could set a new weekend debut record for a non-Pixar release.

According to Variety, the current record holder is Big Hero 6. Released in 2014, it grossed $56 million during its launch period. Number one on the list is Shrek The Third, the 2007 blockbuster that pulled in an astounding $121 million during its opening weekend.

“Life’s a little bit messy. We all make mistakes. No matter what type of animal you are, change starts with you.”

Zootopia is definately a movie with a very powerful message. It deals with tough subjects to include discrimination, racism, and segregation in a way children of all ages will ultimately understand. It’s also packed with funny jokes, tons of animal cuteness, and action galore.

Jason Bateman and Ginnifer Goodwin bring two of the main characters to life. The unlikely team of Nick Wilde (a fox) and Judy Hopps (a rabbit) team up to solve what’s been called an “L.A.-style detective story.”

During a recent Zap2It interview, Bateman had this to say about Zootopia, and the important message the film conveys.

“It will give me, when I want to talk about it with my 9-year-old, the opportunity to kind of couch the subject of racism, tolerance, not listening to fear mongers and cohabitating.”

In the same interview, Goodwin added her thoughts.

“I think all of the messages, the brilliance of Disney is that it is about the human dynamic. We might be in the costumes of animals, but the story is so relatable and the characters are so relatable that it’s not like it’s a message movie that Disney is spoon-feeding and sugar-coating.”

One interesting thing to note, according to Zootopia director Byron Howard, is how much research went into portraying the animals and their habitats. This animal-related film is different than others before it, because of the size and scale.

Animators made several trips to Disney’s Animal Kindom, Cirque Du Soleil, and even Kenya for research purposes. They went so far as to speak with the world’s foremost expert in fern growth to ensure the film was realistic as possible — for animation, that is.

He calls the production “the most complex film Disney has ever made.” It took 800 people five years to complete the project. Quite an undertaking, to say the least.

Cinema Blend has nothing but good to say about Zootopia. The site brings up a very interesting question. That question being, “should you 3D or not 3D, when purchasing tickets?”

Apparently, as indicated by Cinema Blend, it’s now standard practice to release animated films in 3D. Watching Zootopia in 3D really puts the size of the city in perspective. In essence, there’s a whole world beyond the screen, waiting for movie-goers to explore. Of course, it’s up to you, in regard to shelling out extra cash for 3D tickets.

Variety speculates London Has Fallen will end up in the number two spot this weekend, with a possible $21 million in sales. The site goes on to say that third place looks like it’s going to go to Deadpool, with an expected take of $16 million.

Are you making plans to attend Disney’s Zootopia weekend debut? If so, make it easier by purchasing your tickets online. It’s the best way to avoid standing in long lines and risking a sold out show.

[Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]