Kam Chancellor Wanted To Buy A Gym, But They Called The Cops On Him Instead

Seahawks safety Kam Chancellor had a brief run-in with the law last week when employees at a shuttered Redmond, Washington, gym called 911 to report suspicious activity. The employees reported that men were attempting to break into the building, but Chancellor told officers that he was interested in buying the facility and was just looking for contact information.

The incident took place at the Redmond Athletic Club, which closed down recently according to a report from ESPN. Chancellor arrived at the closed facility with several friends and knocked on the door. Two employees were inside at the time, but they didn’t answer the door. Instead, they called 911.

Local radio station KIRO FM obtained the 911 call, in which the employee told the dispatcher that three black men and two white men were banging on the doors of the gym and rattling the windows in an attempt to break in. She described Chancellor and his friends as “bad news” and speculated that they could be homeless or heroin addicts.

“I don’t know if they’re homeless kids. I know that there used to be a lot of heroin addicts around here.”

Police arrived at the scene and spoke with Chancellor, but no arrests were made.

Kam detailed the experience on Twitter, concluding that he isn’t qualified to own a gym in Redmond.

Redmond mayor John Marchione went on damage control after the news broke.

In an interview with local radio station Power 99.1 FM, Chancellor said that he did knock on the door of the closed gym, but decided to just take some pictures for later reference when nobody answered.

While taking pictures, Kam saw two employees through a window, and he attempted to ask them for contact information.

“The first thing the lady did was look at us with an evil, devil look and shooed us off,” Kam said in the interview with Power 99.1 FM. “We were like, ‘Can we just get information? That’s all.’ We don’t want to do anything else but get information. We didn’t knock on the door anymore after that. We just waved them like, ‘Could you please come here?’ But they decided to stand 10 to 15 yards away behind a desk, saying, ‘We’re going to call the cops.'”

Chancellor also took to Instagram, posting a composite of his friends with headshots that he found while he “researched homeless meth addicts.”


The incident was all just a misunderstanding, according to a representative of the Redmond Police Department who spoke to Deadspin shortly after the news broke last week.

“Our officers got there and had a great interaction with Kam and four other guys,” the Redmond Police Department representative told Deadspin. “Super positive. Super nice guy. We didn’t even do a police report.”

kam chancellor holdout
Kam Chancellor famously held out at the beginning of the last NFL season, but he still has time left on his contract in Seattle. [AP Photo/John Froschauer]
Kam Chancellor is a popular figure in Washington state sports, even after the long holdout that ultimately cost him millions of dollars last season. One of his pet projects is running fitness boot camps for women, which he claims is the reason that he was looking into buying the closed Redmond gym. Some rumors have suggested that Kam may be done in Seattle, as previously reported by Inquisitr, but he does still have time left on his contract.

Do you think the gym employees were right to call 911 on Kam Chancellor?

[Photo by AP Photo/John Froschauer]

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