Jeremy Clarkson Seen Driving Souped-Up Mercedes After A ‘Bit Of An Accident’ In Barbados

After Jeremy Clarkson had a “bit of an accident” while driving in Barbados, he has now been seen swanning around in Cobham, Surrey, in a fancy, souped-up Mercedes SL. Clarkson was also at the scene of a horrific fire on the M3 motorway in the U.K. on Friday.

Former Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson, along with his co-hosts James May and Richard Hammond, have been busy filming their new Amazon Prime car show in Barbados. Clarkson tweeted that he had suffered a “bit of an accident” while filming in Barbados. As can be seen from the tweeted image below, that is probably the biggest understatement of the year.

According to a report in the Radio Times, Richard Hammond was not at all impressed with what happened to the poor car, but reportedly Jeremy Clarkson was calm and fine after the accident.

It seems Jeremy Clarkson has been busy since he lost his job as the host of Top Gear and is still traveling around the world, shooting scenes for the new Amazon Prime show. Looks like Clarkson and his co-hosts are having a really tough time in such harsh surroundings.

Clarkson, Hammond, and May are always in boring meetings, apparently, as can be seen below. It’s a hard life and you obviously mustn’t weaken.

The accident obviously had no effect on Jeremy Clarkson’s driving skills, however, as he has now been spotted driving around Cobham in Surrey in a souped up, modified old Mercedes SL convertible with a massive lift kit.

In the video below, filmed by a passerby Stuart Cox, you can see him driving the rather unusual converted Mercedes with its huge off-road wheels around the town.

Clarkson himself is behind the wheel of the Mercedes and stops when he sees Cox filming him, saying, “Are you filming this car because it’s excellent?”

Cox says back to Clarkson, “It’s different,” to which Hammond, who is seated in the back of the car, interjects, “Yes, different.”

Clarkson merely says “He means brilliant” as he drives away.

Speaking of the famous former Top Gear host, Cox told the Mirror Online, “I saw the car go past a few times so I went to be a bit nosy and see what was going on. I was quite shocked when I saw who it was behind the wheel.”

Cox explained that he was standing on a traffic island in the middle of the road at the time and he didn’t really expect the driver to stop, but he did.

“Jeremy asked me what I thought of the car and it sounded like he was trying to convince the other two about it. They didn’t exactly look enamored.”

However, Cox did say it was “brilliant” to see the former Top Gear team back in action, adding that he is a firm Top Gear fan, so the encounter really made him smile.

Details about the new Amazon Prime show’s name and the official start date are not yet known, but rumors are doing the rounds that it could start at some time in the autumn.

However, the accident in Barbados and the souped up Merc in the U.K. aren’t the only recent news relating to Jeremy Clarkson.

It can be seen from the Twittersphere that Clarkson got caught up in some pretty scary scenes on the M3 in Surrey on Friday. He immediately headed to Twitter to warn his 6.03 million followers to “give the M3 a miss,” sharing dramatic shots of the fiery inferno that brought hundreds of cars and other vehicles to a standstill.

Clarkson later posted a further image of the totally burned out car that caused the havoc on the M3, saying he couldn’t even work out what kind of car it was. Hopefully, the driver and any passengers in the car got out safely.

[Photo by Hannah Johnston/Getty Images]