Jennifer Lawrence Conspiracy Theory: Does The Actress Have A Dark Secret With Helen Mirren?

Rumors have recently resurfaced that Jennifer Lawrence, 25, and Helen Mirren, 70, are linked by a bond of a rather unconventional nature, and the rumors are now a trending topic on the web.

The origins of the Jennifer Lawrence-Helen Mirren conspiracy theory lie back in 2013, when people started pointing out how similar Hunger Games actress Jennifer Lawrence’s appearance was to that of a younger Mirren, and that the two might be related in a way neither is revealing to the public. Metro reports that Lawrence even went on Jon Stewart’s Daily Show in 2013 to talk about the theory, which she dismissed as “the weirdest thing that has ever happened to [her] in [her] entire life.”

The buzz around the theory soon died down because of a lack of any actual evidence, comments Moviepilot.

But just days ago, the theory Jennifer Lawrence was so quick to dismiss the rumors once again hit the pop culture scene when Reddit user Jikapomycc posted a thread, once again, pointing out Lawrence’s eerie resemblance to Mirren’s 25-year old likeness. The thread quickly blew up and has already been commented on over 1,500 times, with seemingly everyone being shocked by just how uncanny the resemblance between Lawrence and Mirren really is.

The theories posited on the thread as to why Jennifer and young Helen look so much alike vary drastically.

On one end of the spectrum, we have the completely understandable reaction of mild surprise, followed by the reasoning that the similarity must be a coincidence.

Alternately, there are theories as to the Jennifer-Helen resemblance that are actually viable, such as one by user Creiz.

“I’m imagining that there has to be various set ‘archetypes’ of celebrities and they find people to fill a vacancy when one retires.”

That seems like an actual thing that might happen, right? Don’t worry, though; the theories get much stranger.

In the middle of the spectrum are the extremely-unlikely-but-technically-within-the-realm-of-possibility ideas, such as the one highlighted by Metro that states maybe Lawrence and Mirren are twins who do not want to reveal their familial relationship, despite being born 45 years apart.

On the far end of the spectrum, though, we have some theories that most reports agree are pretty insane. For example, reports Viral Thread, many of the thread’s participants are of the stance that Jennifer Lawrence is actually a time traveler who went back and had some silver screen success while going by the name Helen Mirren.

Jennifer Lawrence Conspiracy Theory Does The Actress Have A Dark Secret
[Photo via Reddit]
Other commenters got more analytic about the whole Jennifer Lawrence and Helen Mirren shared identity debacle.

“If I’m not mistaken, Stephen Hawking believes that the universe is infinitely linear. Meaning that it springs into being, eventually burns out, then springs into being again. If this is truly an infinite pattern, then every thing that can exist, will exist – and has already existed and will exist again.”

So does that mean Jennifer Lawrence is a reincarnated form of Mirren?

Jennifer Lawrence Conspiracy Theory: Is She Helen Mirren?
Stephen is not amused. [Photo by KGC-42/STAR MAX/IPx via AP Images]
Here’s another.

“Philip K. Dick – the SciFi writer – believed that it’s possible that time is an illusion and we are all still living in 50 AD. That’s why things seem to repeat themselves…”

Mirren was also interviewed about the Jennifer Lawrence similarity more recently, and, like Jennifer did in her appearance with Jon Stewart, Helen waved off the theory and changed the subject without ever actually denying that she and Lawrence were somehow connected.

Believers are not hesitating to use the fact that neither Lawrence nor Mirren lingered on the theory in their respective appearances as evidence that they are hiding something.

What do you think? Are you, like many others all over the internet, floored by Jennifer Lawrence’s similarity to Mirren? And do you think any resemblance is just a coincidence or that it has a deeper meaning?

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