Charlie Sheen Files To Have Child Support Reduced For Both Ex-Wives

This past Wednesday, Charlie Sheen filed a petition to the courts to have child support that is currently paid to both his ex-wives reduced. Currently, Sheen is paying $55,000 a month to Denise Richards and Brook Mueller. Charlie has two daughters with Denise Richards, and two twin boys with Brook Mueller.

According to Radar Online, Charlie Sheen revealed his expenses.

“My income has changed significantly since the agreement for child support was entered into in 2011.”

Charlie Sheen Files To Have Child Support Reduced For Both Ex-Wives
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This request may be surprising to many if you consider that Sheen recently acquired a settlement payment of almost $27,000,000 when he sold the profit rights to Two and a Half Men. The settlement payment makes his previous payments from the network, which were quite substantial, null and void. The network will no longer pay Charlie Sheen any royalties for his work on the television sitcom.

Before selling the rights to his profit rights, Sheen was making approximately $600,000 a month. Now, Charlie’s monthly income has dropped to about $167,000 a month. Charlie Sheen is not earning what he used to on a monthly basis, but he did receive almost $27,000,000 not so long ago.

Sheen claimed that his monthly expenses are about $105,911. This includes things like medical expenses that are not covered by insurance, which is $25,000 a month. Charlie pays $13,487 for his mortgage payments and $11,500 goes towards education for Charlie Sheen’s four children. Additionally, Sheen pays $26,497 a month for life and accident insurance.

In the documents that Sheen filed to have his child support payments reduced for Mueller, he admitted to receiving the settlement money, but regarding Charlie’s current assets, Radar says that he claims, “to have only $2,090,000 in cash and checking accounts, and $3,200,000 in other property.” Where did all of Sheen’s money go?

Charlie Sheen Files To Have Child Support Reduced For Both Ex-Wives
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Besides having decreased assets, Sheen also claims to have more than $12,000,000 in debts. He includes taxes ($1,308,126.17 owed to the IRS for the 2014 tax year), legal fees and mortgages ($9,000,000 between the two mansions that he owns). He also owes $5,000,000 to American Express.

Denise Richards was Charlie Sheen’s second wife (he was previously married to Donna Peele but had no children with her). He had two daughters, Sam and Lola, with Richards. Sheen and Richards divorced in 2005. In 2008, he married Mueller and had twin boys, Bob and Max. Charlie Sheen filed for divorce and it was finalized in 2011.

Regarding child support payments to Mueller, Page Six explains the details,

“One aspect of Sheen’s divorce settlement with Mueller was that his child support payments for their sons could not be lower than the amount the actor paid to support his daughters with Richards. Sheen is now seeking to have that provision removed and a judge has scheduled a hearing for April 13.”

Denise Richards may not be so easy to convince that his child support payments should be decreased. Recently, she filed court documents to require that Sheen put $7,000,000 into a trust fund for his daughters. This was her response to Charlie selling the Mulholland Estates mansion that was held in trust for his girls. She alternatively suggested that he could buy a home of equal value to the Mulholland Estates.

In November of 2015, Charlie Sheen revealed that he is HIV positive (the condition that can lead to AIDS) but he is currently healthy. The $25,000 in medical expenses is likely due to his HIV status. However, as recently as January of 2016, Sheen told Dr. Oz that he was off his medications and was getting alternative treatments in Mexico, and then he went back on his meds when the alternative treatments did not have the desired effect.

This is not the first time that Charlie Sheen has caused trouble for his ex-wives. He has recently sent threatening texts to Richards.

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