Yolanda Hadid’s Personal Blog Deleted, Forced To Update Bravo Blog — Did ‘RHOBH’ Star Put Her Contract In Jeopardy With Stunt?

Did Yolanda Foster ignore Bravo producers when posting her newest blog? The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star auto-posted to her Bravo blog right after the last episode. Days later the “woe is me, Lyme Disease” post was replaced with a much tamer, Bravo-approved blog. Did Bravo make Foster revise her original blog post? How will this latest blunder affect her future on RHOBH?

Yolanda has been accused of changing up her blog posts in the past. All About The Tea reported on Yolanda’s initial post, claiming the Bravo reality star reeked of crazy. The initial post blasted Kyle Richards. In it, Yolanda Foster claimed that Kyle was unauthentic during the most recent episode of the hit Bravo reality series. Yolanda claimed that Kyle didn’t understand all that she had been going through in her battle with Lyme disease and was whispering and talking about her and her struggles.

The personal blog post was auto-posted within hours of RHOBH airing on the now-deleted website and stayed up until Saturday, according to reports. That is when a new, edited version of Yolanda’s post replaced her old one. That led many fans to believe that Foster Hadid went rogue and decided to post what she really wanted to say.

Rumor has it that Bravo producers like to keep a tight rein on the Bravo blogs in order to align them with the current storylines on the show. Yolanda likes to use her platform to raise awareness for Lyme disease. Is that why Yolanda went rogue and posted to her own blog instead of Bravo? The RHOBH star even claimed to have missed a post because she was too busy watching daughter, Gigi Hadid, as she walked the runway in a few fashion shows. It seems that Hadid isn’t confessing to even owning the other blog that popped up online.

In the replacement post to the Bravo blog, Yolanda took aim at Kyle Richards, who she claims has been manipulating storylines at Yolanda’s expense. Since Kyle is a Real Housewives of Beverly Hills producer, Foster is claiming that her reality TV enemy is making her look bad with edits. With the most recent edit to her Bravo blog, it looks like producers are also censoring Yolanda to keep her from waging war against Kyle and also Lisa Rinna, whom Yolanda says she has forgiven.

“Lisa R. has come into this group of woman and consistently labeled people without any qualification to do so but at least, she owns her s**t and I trusted we moved on,” Yolanda said of her RHOBH castmate last week. Yolanda replaced that post with a Bravo version where she talks about how hurt she was when Lisa Rinna suggested she had Munchausen syndrome. There has been a lot of speculation about whether or not Yolanda is faking Lyme disease or if she has been cured and just continues to use the illness to give herself a story line. That seems to drive her negative interactions with the other women on the show. After talking about how upset she was at Lisa’s comments, Yolanda addressed calling her castmate bipolar. It seems if she was upset about being diagnosed by her frenemy, then doing the same thing back wasn’t really a good look.

The following week, Yolanda dutifully posted her Bravo blog and seems to have given up on her mission to spread the word elsewhere. In the most recent post, Hadid talks about Lyme disease extensively again.

Is Yolanda pushing Bravo too far with her alleged private blog posts? Do you think Yolanda’s role as a housewife is in jeopardy because of her blogging mishaps?

[Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images]