‘The Bachelor’ 2016 Spoilers: Ben Higgins And Lauren Bushnell Could Be Headed To Televised Wedding

The Bachelor 2016 spoilers are heating up as Ben Higgins narrows his choice down to two women, and fans of the very tall and very popular contestant may end up getting to see him tie the knot on live television.

[WARNING: Potential Bachelor spoilers ahead]

In just a few days, Ben will make his final pick, choosing between JoJo Fletcher and Lauren Bushnell. For weeks, insiders predicted that it would be these two competing for the final rose, and the entire time the consensus has been on one woman for his final pick: Lauren.

Sources, most prominently the blogger Reality Steve, who has a nearly spotless track record in predicting winners, have said that Ben and Lauren end up getting engaged at the end of this Bachelor season.

It was reportedly not an easy decision. Spoilers from those close to The Bachelor indicate that Ben Higgins had a very difficult time choosing between Lauren and JoJo, and even changed his mind several times even up until the last day.

Ben shared some of this process in a blog for People magazine, saying he fell hard for both women.

“I am in love with two women. Two very different, but equally remarkable, women,” he wrote. “Believe me, I am just as surprised as you all are and was even more so when it was all starting to happen. Especially considering that going into this, I still had a fear that I may be unlovable, and now here I am with not just one woman that I can see a real and wonderful future with, but TWO. I’m still not sure how it happened but it did.”

While this had led to some potential Bachelor spoilers claiming that Ben and Lauren are breaking up over his lingering feelings for JoJo, there have been no official indications yet saying that is the case.

In fact, it appears that ABC is pulling Ben Higgins deeper into stardom, already offering him a place on Dancing With The Stars. While it’s not unusual for the show to pluck contestants from the dating show, it is normally only the case when there’s a strong relationship and a supportive fiancée who will also appear on television.

For his part, Ben Higgins hasn’t officially committed to the show but sounded willing.

“I’m not against any opportunity that presents itself,” Ben told E! News. “I need to analyze if that option was there to say, OK, is this the best thing for me? I don’t know yet, I don’t. I don’t want to say this is the way I’m going to go with it because I haven’t decided.”

There could be even more for Ben and Lauren beyond his Dancing With The Stars appearance. For the past three cycles of the show, there have been rumors that ABC is looking for another televised wedding. Back in 2014, Sean Lowe and Catherine Guidici walked the aisle in a live ceremony, and sources have said that the network is looking to replicate the big ratings the wedding brought.

Lowe said in his case, the televised wedding was a perfect way to start their lives together after after starting their relationship on national television.

“It just made sense for us,” Sean told The Hollywood Reporter. “Our relationship started on TV and has followed us along the way. Not only that, but the people who put on the show have become very close to us. It’s like a big family. And on top of that, we knew we’d have an incredible wedding we didn’t have to pay for. But most importantly, Bachelor Nation is so passionate about the show and they truly feel invested in our relationship. It’s a great opportunity to have them there with us.”

There have been three other televised weddings in the history of the franchise, and if the Bachelor 2016 spoilers go the way that insiders are indicating, then Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell could be the next ones to tie the knot on TV.

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