WWE News: Triple H’s Talent Contract Expires Right Before ‘WrestleMania 32,’ Planning To Step Away After Big Match?

Triple H is seen as the measuring stick for all professional wrestlers. The man has done it all in WWE and has been from the bottom to the top a few times. He has nothing left to prove when it comes to showing people how good he is. He will go down as one of the top ten best pro-wrestlers in most every list, even if many people aren’t huge fans of the man. The fact is, as a talent, Triple H has been tremendous. However, he always had a good mind for the business which opened him up to a role in the company.

When a role as an executive opened up for Triple H, he took advantage of everything. He brought in amazing talent from around the world, he groomed them through the new WWE Performance Center that he had the vision to build. Then, he put the talent on WWE NXT, a WWE Network only show that would allow them a place to show what they could do. He then helped to make that show into a brand of it’s own and made it one of the most premier places to be.

Case in point is this, the man knows what he is doing behind the scenes just as much as he does on camera weekly. This could be why he may step away from the public eye for a while. According to reporter Chris Harrington, there was some interesting information found in WWE’s financial reports. Fans know that a few executives made more money than even Vince McMahon did in 2015. One of them was Triple H, who made over $3 million as an executive along with his $1.7 million as a talent.

HHH title
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However, his talent contract is going to expire at the end of this month on March 31. Harrington claims that WWE is “contemplating” renewing his deal. As of now, Triple H’s talent deal will expire before WrestleMania 32, but that does not mean he won’t have it pushed up a week. That means fans probably do not need to expect some sort of change with his match against Roman Reigns, as Triple H needs to be there. If nothing else, he is a marketable name that WWE can use. This is the main reason he is holding the WWE World Title right now.

It is interesting that Triple H’s talent deal is expiring and the company has not renewed it sooner. Usually WWE tries to extend those a year or months in advance, and yet we’re coming up on less than a month before the current WWE World Heavyweight Champion’s contract is set to expire. Triple H could literally be the champion without a contract come WrestleMania.

There have been rumors regarding Triple H spending more time behind the scenes after the match with Reigns at WrestleMania. This would certainly help fit into the current storyline with Shane McMahon. If McMahon were to win against The Undertaker at WrestleMania, he would control WWE RAW.

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Vince McMahon even indicated on WWE RAW this past week that if Shane won, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon would leave the company.

This is a big deal as with Shane around, WWE does not need Triple H and Stephanie around in their leadership roles. That means Shane could control things on television while Triple H goes on a bit of a television break. While most would expect him back before the end of the summer, Shane could hold down television for a while and that could eventually lead to a big return for The Authority. This would, of course, be in an effort to take back WWE from Shane McMahon, which would possibly allow McMahon’s exit.

As of now, there are no concrete storyline plans for Shane in play for after WrestleMania. However, it is said he will win at WrestleMania so fans will have to see something coming soon. As for Triple H, it seems he will at least miss some television time after WrestleMania if WWE does not renew his talent contract. Reigns would need to beat him down more than he did months ago. Or Shane could simply ban Triple H and his sister from RAW events.

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