Carla Facciolo Says Brittany Fogarty’s Mom Begged Her To Be On ‘Mob Wives’

The war continues between Carla Facciolo and Brittany Fogarty. As the latest episode of Mob Wives aired on Wednesday night, which showed Carla and Brittany in a heated argument with one another, Carla and Brittany hurled insults and accusations at one another on Twitter.

Carla tweeted that Brittany’s mother, Andrea Giovino, begged for her to be cast on the show. Brittany, who joined the show along with Marissa Jade for the current sixth season, responded that the show was desperate for new cast members. According to Brittany, the show’s producers even wanted her cousins to appear with her.

Carla Facciolo may want to be careful bringing up Brittany Fogarty’s mom, Andrea Giovino. Andrea appeared in an episode with her daughter in which she warned Brittany about getting involved with the Staten Island drama. As Brittany explained to viewers, her mom was indicted on drug charges along with her father, John Fogarty. Her mom begged her father to cooperate with the federal authorities so that she could be spared prison and raise their children instead of them being put in foster care. While her dad served time, Brittany, her mom and brothers were relocated to Pennsylvania by the government. Andrea wrote a book, Divorced from the Mob, detailing her life married to a mobster and her struggle to get out.

Brittany was actually introduced to the other cast members by Karen Gravano, whose father, Sammy “The Bull” Gravano, served time in the same prison as Brittany’s father. Karen asked that the other women give Brittany a chance, despite her father being a “rat,” because of her father’s friendship with Brittany’s father.

Yet, as viewers saw on the last Mob Wives episode, Karen and Brittany are now on the outs. Karen even brought up Brittany’s mom in an insulting way.

“Drita flipped this b**ch [Brittany] faster than the feds flipped Brittany’s mother.”

This enraged Andrea, who went after Karen on Twitter as that scene aired. As the Inquisitr reported, Andrea warned Karen that she knows “way to[o] much.” Andrea added that Karen is “playing with fire” with her and that “nothing’s off limits when you f*** with [her] daughter.” Andrea also called Karen, Renee and Carla “losers.”

Andrea’s tweets haven’t deterred Carla. Carla also tweeted that Brittany is irrelevant and since no one will remember her after next week, she should stop trying to be relevant. Carla pointed out that she, unlike Brittany, is an original cast member with her hashtag “#OG.”

Brittany responded by claiming that Carla became friends with her haters after her Season 4 absence in order to be relevant.

Carla Facciolo, Drita D’Avanzo, Renee Graziano, and Karen Gravano were all part of the Season 1 through 3 cast. While Drita and Renee continued on with the show for its fourth season, Carla and Karen left. Karen returned for the fifth season as a starring cast member while Carla appeared in a few episodes towards the end. The current sixth season stars Carla, Drita, Renee, Karen, and Angela “Big Ang” Raiolo. Brittany Fogarty and Marissa Jade are shown in lesser roles.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, as season 4 aired and prior to the filming of Season 5, Carla said in an interview that she would return to Mob Wives if given the chance. She also admitted that her Season 4 absence was not of her choice but due to “negotiations” not working out.

One person who continues to have Brittany Fogarty’s back is Drita’ D’Avanzo. Drita, who used to be good friends with Carla Facciolo but is now considered her enemy, tweeted that Brittany is “real” and “a rare breed.”

[Photo by Brian Ach/Getty Images]