Robert Griffin III Rumors: ‘At Least 10’ NFL Teams Have Interest In Signing Griffin

Robert Griffin III rumors indicate that “at least 10” NFL teams have interest in him. Many rumors about Griffin have been going around since the end of the 2015 NFL season, and it appears that the interest level has only grown since then. A report from CBS Sports on Friday, March 4, states that there are at least 10 NFL teams looking at signing him now. It would appear that Griffin almost has his choice of teams when moving on from the Washington Redskins.

The report also began guessing which teams might be showing the most interest in acquiring Robert Griffin III. It began with the Dallas Cowboys using Griffin as a backup for Tony Romo, the San Francisco 49ers with new head coach Chip Kelly possibly looking for a new quarterback, and the Denver Broncos as the defending Super Bowl champions try to move on without Peyton Manning. Other teams that could be “kicking tires” when it comes to Griffin include the Seattle Seahawks, Green Bay Packers, and New England Patriots.

These latest Robert Griffin III rumors were spurred by the Washington Redskins stating that the team wouldn’t have him on the roster for the 2016 NFL season. The Redskins are committing to Kirk Cousins as the starting quarterback for the foreseeable future and are looking to move in a different direction. That move could also allow Griffin to start over with a new franchise, possible resurrecting a football career that has not panned out yet.

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Griffin is still under contract with the Redskins and it will remain that way until the team either trades him or cuts him. If Griffin were to remain under his current contract, he would make about $16.2 million for the 2016 NFL season. That would be a huge pay raise from the roughly $3.3 million in salary he made last year. If the Redskins trade Griffin, his contract would transfer to a new team. This means it becomes less likely that a trade is ever going to take place.

If the Robert Griffin III rumors are correct and he has played his final game for the Washington Redskins, he finishes with a combined regular season record of 14-21 with the team. It’s not really what Redskins fans had been hoping to see from Griffin after he came out of Baylor with a lot of promise. Griffin did lead the Redskins to a nine wins in his rookie season, but he got injured against the Seattle Seahawks in the playoffs. He would then post a 5-15 record in the next two years before missing the entire 2015 NFL season.

At just 26 years old, Griffin could still offer something to a new NFL team. Once the Redskins decide to cut him, there could be a high number of teams trying to schedule a workout with him. Many NFL analysts are unsure what he can still do on the field and if the speed that made him a threat in his rookie season is still in his legs. With a number of teams needing a new quarterback and even more in need of a new backup quarterback this offseason, Griffin’s agents will have busy phones.

Robert Griffin III Cold
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So how is this all going to play out? Could the Los Angeles Rams, New York Jets, or Houston Texans see Griffin as a realistic option to lead the team next year? Will the Washington Redskins figure out a way to trade Griffin before they simply have to cut him this offseason? There are definitely more questions than answers when it comes to the latest Robert Griffin III rumors, but it could also shine light on how few options there are at quarterback on the open market. That could be great news for prospects in the 2016 NFL Draft.

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