‘Fuller House’ Opens Door To Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen: Twins Welcome, Says John Stamos As He Talks Porn Parody

Fuller House debuted on Netflix February 26 with 13 episodes, and viewers loved it so much that the show has already been renewed for a second season. Now, fans of the Full House reboot want to know if two noticeably missing faces who once played one single character will return. Hint: They’re twins who chose to build a fashion empire rather than segue from their career as child actors to adult actresses. Yup, it’s the Olsen twins, Mary-Kate and Ashley. Following the news that both Mary-Kate and Ashley had opted out of even a cameo for the first season of Fuller House, fans are hopeful that the Olsens will return for the recently confirmed Season 2. Yes, no, or maybe?

One person who is keeping the door open to Fuller House for the Olsen twins is John Stamos, who wears two hats on the Netflix series. In his role as both producer and co-star, Stamos remains hopeful that Mary-Kate and Ashley could return, reported ET.


Regardless of reviews (which were lackluster at best), Fuller House was renewed for Season 2 mere days following its Netflix debut. Feeling upbeat about that success, Stamos hinted that he’s focused on luring Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen back to the Tanner house. But will one or both of Olsen twins agree to play Michelle Tanner again?

“[The twins are] totally welcome,” emphasized Stamos, who added that he’s got a “good feeling” about the likelihood.

“I was going to see Ashley last night and beg her to be on the show,” confessed John. “We would love to have them. I know everyone would love to see them.”

Could Bob Saget and Ashley Olsen work together again?
Could Bob Saget and Ashley Olsen work together again? [Photo by Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images for Scleroderma Research Foundation]
The Olsen twins teamed up to portray tiny Michelle Tanner in the inaugural Full House. But after years away from the world of filming TV shows, both Ashley and Mary-Kate declined. To avoid questions from viewers about Michelle Tanner’s MIA status, the writers created a scene where Bob Saget, who plays Danny Tanner, takes the lead in revealing why she’s gone. Some considered his comment as throwing shade.

“[She’s] busy in New York running her fashion empire,” says the actor smoothly.

Reflecting now on the success of Fuller House, Stamos confessed he had felt anxious.

“I was worried because the anticipation really built up from the time we finished to the time we aired. [But] people are happy with it. It’s so sweet. I’m very grateful.”

Also grateful is Jodie Sweetin, who in addition to her co-starring role in Fuller House just became one of the newbies in the next season of Dancing With the Stars. The dancing competition show debuts March 21.

While all that sounds like Fuller House is full of happiness, some of the critics apparently weren’t feeling the upbeat vibe. When John visited NBC’s Late Night, Stamos dished with host Seth Meyers about some of the harsh reviews for his revival series, reported E! News.

“I thought it turned out well and people seemed to like it. I read a couple nice reviews, but then there were these crazy [ones]…These these were so wacky, and they’re real,” marveled the actor.

Watch below.

As for the most stinging reviews of Fuller House, Meyers chose his favorite criticism. That honor goes to A.V. Club‘s Joshua Alston.

“Netflix’s Fuller House is like a porn parody without the porn,” wrote Alston.

Meyers appreciated the wit.

“It’s a nice turn of the phrase,” praised the talk show host.

John Stamos dishes on "Fuller House" reviews.
John Stamos dishes on ‘Fuller House’ reviews. [Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images]
Stamos wasn’t so thrilled, confessing that he’s aware of an actual Fuller House porn parody.

“No, it’s not nice,” the actor responded of the critic’s comment. “[The real Fuller House porn parody on the market is] really very specific with the catch phrases. I think there’s a lawsuit. I binge watched that 40 times. You know how you’re supposed to binge watch these things.”

[Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images]