Who Exposed One Direction Star Liam Payne’s Romance As A PR Stunt?

Much of the media has been reporting for the last week that Liam Payne is in a new romance. One Direction star Liam is reported to have hooked up with former X-Factor judge Cheryl Fernandez-Versini, who is 10-years Payne’s senior and married to boot. It was reported in Inquisitr yesterday that Liam’s latest romance had all the hallmarks of being the latest One Direction related PR stunt. It was widely reported back in November that Payne was “heartbroken” after his relationship with Sophia Smith ended and yet we are expected to believe that days later Liam was in the arms of another woman.

It has been reported in The Inquisitr recently how deeply Simon Cowell and One Direction’s management are entrenched with some sections of the U.K. press. As a result many One Direction fans are suspicious of any story that links Payne or any member of One Direction with a new girlfriend. Many believe that most, if not all of these stories are simply PR stunts. Interestingly U.K. tabloid the Sun is one of the outlets that are traditionally believed to be party to these stunts but on this occasion it seem they have broken ranks.

Whilst the Mirror is reporting that Liam is dating Cheryl in order to make the rest of the One Direction boys jealous the Sun has taken a completely different line.

“It’s not gone unnoticed that all of One Direction liked Cheryl. Liam thinks it’s amazing he’s the one who actually got to be with her.”

The Sun claims that Liam’s romance with Cheryl is a PR stunt and it appears that their source is none other than Cheryl’s husband Jean-Bernard. Apparently 35-year-old Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini, said he was upset at Cheryl’s insensitivity at her posting pictures of herself with Payne online on the anniversary of his father’s death. Apparently he told friends that the timing “really hurts”, especially as her relationship with Liam was only a “stunt.”

It seems that Jean-Bernard was still hopeful that he and Cheryl could salvage their 18-month marriage but it seems that this stunt with Payne may have ended his hopes. It seems that some of Jean Bernard’s friends believe that Cheryl is using Liam in an attempt to boost her career.

“What’s better for Cheryl’s career? An unknown Frenchman as her husband or a boyband star ten years her junior?”

“He really hoped they could salvage the marriage but now feels insulted and humiliated.”

Of course not all media outlets are pouring cold water on the Liam romance story. The Daily Star joins the Mirror in claiming that all of the One Direction boys will be jealous of Liam and that this might make a reunion awkward. They even claim that Liam dating Cheryl could be “the final nail in One Direction’s coffin.”

“Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan all think the 32-year-old Geordie cougar is so hot it could get awkward when Liam sees them next.”

Unreality TV have also picked up on the fact that Paynes romance with Cheryl is as fake as surfing in Colorado. They noted that Cheryl has recently signed with Modest Management, a team that many of Liam’s fans believe have presided over numerous One Direction stunts in the past.

“It’s not outside the realms of possibility that the pair could be faking a romance in a bid to launch Liam’s solo career and Cheryl’s new album. After all, the former Girls Aloud star was rather embarrassed by the sales of her last release and will no doubt be hoping to achieve at least a top ten chart position this time around.”

Many of Liam’s fans will be disappointed and angered to see Payne being used in another pretty transparent PR stunt. The use of Payne and his bandmates in a succession of similar stunts is one reason why so many of Liam and One Direction’s fans are desperate to see Payne and the rest of One Direction follow Harry Styles out of the door.

Fans of Liam Payne and One Direction are heartily sick of Payne and the rest of the boys being used in pathetic PR stunts of this nature.

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