New MUST-SEE ‘I Love My White Male Privilege!’ Video Makes Some Good Points In Defense Of Caucasian Men

Paul Joseph Watson, a British YouTube user and political commentator, just released what could be the most pressing issue that is thrown at white males because of their sex and race – white male privilege.

According to this notion, white men enjoy numerous benefits because of their race and gender, and as a result, other racial and gender groups are being discriminated against.

The concept of white male privilege is also among the issues that leftists, feminists, and other civil rights activists throw at Caucasian men due to the inequality that it breeds in society.

Watson, who is the editor of Infowars and is known for sharing his views on feminism, political correctness, and other “conspiracies,” enumerated some reasons why the “white male privilege” notion is a myth. He released a three-minute video to describe what is really happening and how white males are being treated.

In order to keep things on the lighter side, Watson used his usual sarcasm by saying that he loves these privileges, which are actually prejudices, stereotypes, and discrimination that white men experience.

He begins the video by saying, “I love my white male privilege.”

Watson then connects these white male privileges to the issue of the slave trade. Here are some of “privileges” that he enumerated.

“I love being made to feel collective white guilt for the slave trade even though whites were the first in the world to end the slave trade.”

Using the first portion of his earlier statement, Watson adds “even though whites were the first to encourage everyone else in the world to end the slave trade.”

The YouTube user also pointed out that white males are collectively made to feel guilty about the slave trade despite the fact that the Islamic slave trade in the past was more brutal, killing 112 million black slaves.

He added that white males continue to be made to feel guilty despite the fact that “only 1.4 percent of whites owned slaves compared to 28 percent of free blacks who owned slaves.”

After emphasizing the prejudice experienced by white males over the slave trade, Watson then raises another issue, and claims that one of the white male privileges is being made to have guilt over colonialism, when in fact other races were also responsible for invading other countries.

Watson also “loves” to be called a racist whenever he criticizes the “violent aspects of Islam, because not all Muslims are violent, and to collectively blame all Muslims is bigoted.”

He then follows it up with the blame that white males receive whenever someone shoots people in a public place, just because they happen to share the same skin color as the shooter.

Watson’s closing statements were centered on the prejudice that males “are entitled” to be compared to women.

“I love how my male privilege entitles me to be 11 times more likely to die in the workplace than a woman.”

Watson caps it off by comparing the longer prison sentence that men often experience compared to a woman for committing the same crime.

The notion that there is such a thing as white male privilege is something that might be obscuring the actual state of society. According to a report, white males are considered less successful, more prone to school dropouts, and earn less than their female counterparts.

In spite of all these facts, white males are considered the most “derided” or worst group, and are often stereotyped as alcohol-addicted, immoral, prone to taking drugs, impolite, and fail to excel at work.

Are you a white male? Do you love your white male privilege too?

Here’s The Video On White Male Privilege You Need To See