Nintendo Direct: Everything You Need To Know From The March 2016 Video

On March 3, Nintendo shared their spring and summer lineup, via a Nintendo Direct. Bill Trinen hosted the live event with special appearances from Shigeru Miyamoto and Kensuke Tanabe. In addition to putting out new games like Star Fox Zero and Bravely Second: End Layer, Nintendo shared they are also set to serve up quite a bit of paid DLC and free updates for hits like Splatoon and Fire Emblem Fates. The entire video is embedded below (it runs about 41 minutes), or read on for a summary of everything Nintendo fans need to know about the March 3 Nintendo Direct.

Star Fox Zero Is A Non-Linear Space Trip

As previously reported by Inquisitr, the E3 demo for Star Fox Zero has resulted in some negative feedback and concerns about the upcoming Wii U title. The Nintendo Direct on March 3 addressed some concerns about the game’s seemingly linear levels. Although the plot and structure of the game are admittedly reminiscent of Star Fox 64, Miyamoto stressed the story and map structure offer a completely new experience to the player. Star Fox Zero introduces mini-wormholes called “teleporters” to its levels. By going through a teleporter, players can unlock new map branches that introduce additional segments of the game and its story.

Other Star Fox reveals from the Direct include a local co-op mode in Zero that allows one player to pilot the Airwing while another player shoots, plus a brand new Star Fox game called Star Fox Guard. In Star Fox Guard, players get to help Slippy’s Uncle Grippy protect his mining business from intruders. There are over 100 stages included in the game, but players have the option to create and share their own stages online. Star Fox Guard is a digital download in the eShop or it comes packaged (for free) with physical copies of Star Fox Zero at launch on April 22.

Splatoon And Mario Maker Get More Free DLC

Splatoon fans can rejoice with news that the free update on March 8 is designed to improve Ranked Battle matchmaking and balance existing gear. New weapons are also inbound beginning in April. Nintendo continued spreading the love with its planned updates for Super Mario Maker. Classic Mario elements like keys and key doors are being added to the tool set. Players who beat Expert Mode in the 100 Mario Challenge will get to try on a new Super Expert Mode for size with Mystery Mushroom Costume prizes up for grabs. The update becomes available for download on March 9.

Fire Emblem-Inspired J-Pop X RPG Game (Yes, Really)

The fine folks at Atlus are bringing Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE stateside. The mashup trend continues by blending bouncy Japanese pop idols (courtesy of Avex) with action-packed RPG action. As a bonus, the warriors from Fire Emblem make guest appearances. The fan service is coming to Wii U on June 24.

Fire Emblem Fates DLC Details

Fire Emblem Revelations, the $19.99 USD DLC add-on to Fire Emblem Fates, opens up a third path in the game’s storyline and it can be downloaded starting March 10. Beginning March 3, two additional maps are available for purchase via the Dragon’s Gate. Additional maps are going to be added weekly until April 21 at a price of $2.49 USD each. These maps are included in the Map Pack 1 bundle, which can be purchased separately for $17.99 USD.

Paper Mario Brings The Paint Hammer To Wii U

Mario is bringing color back to Prism Island in what seems to be Paper Mario meets Epic Mickey on Wii U. Instead of dabbling with a magical paintbrush, Mario uses his trusty new Paint Hammer to “paint the town red (and just about every other color).” Paper Mario: Color Splash is coming to Wii U sometime in 2016.

Pokken Tournament Tips

With the release of Pokken Tournament on Wii U just a little over two weeks away, Bill Trinen shared some tips for trainers when they enter the fray on March 18. Trinen reminded players that their combination of primary and secondary Pokémon should reflect the player’s desired strategy. Then, he shared how to optimally utilize some of the game’s dazzling fighters. Lucario’s aura energy blasts make him an ideal choice for those who enjoy a good long range fighter. In sharp contrast, Machamp deals heavy damage in close quarters because his arms could be compared to Chun Li’s legs. Gengar could be called the master of random-fu with the sheer variety of his ghostly attacks. He teleports, blasts from a distance, and eats his enemies like Kirby with nightmarish flare. Rounding out the tips, those wanting the special promo Shadow Mewtwo amiibo card should remember to pre-order as the bonus is only included in first run copies of the game.

Pokémon Developer Makes Pokémon-less Solitaire Game

Game Freak is bringing solitaire to the Nintendo 3DS in May, and they are seemingly doing it without everyone’s favorite pocket monsters. Pocket Card Jockey puts players in the stables to train, breed and race horses using a unique take on the classic game of solitaire. Although one of the horses in the video looks suspiciously like Ponyta, Pokémon fans who hop in the saddle of this game should probably leave their Poké Balls at home.

Hyrule Warriors Legends Characters Carry Over To Wii U

In what might be disappointing news to some Zelda fans, Nintendo has made the decision to sell a Season Pass for Hyrule Warriors Legends that includes four DLC packs. The packs, which are also available separately, are scheduled to be released in 2016. Picking up the Season Pass also comes with a bonus Ganondorf costume. To encourage players to pick up the game at launch, Nintendo is offering a free Nintendo 3DS theme to those who pick up and play the game on launch day. The game also comes with a transfer code to send Linkle, King Daphnes, Tetra, Toon Link, and Tetra to the original Hyrule Legends game on Wii U for free. While supplies last, those who have pre-ordered at GameStop can also get a bonus art book.

Bravely Second Demo Arrives March 10

Fans eager for the release of Bravely Second: End Layer can get their first taste of the game through a demo-exclusive side story. Playing through the demo also gives players items that can be transferred into the full game. The demo launches on the Nintendo eShop on March 10, but members of Best Buy’s Gamers Club Unlocked get early access to the demo on March 7.

Dragon Quest VII Gets A Makeover

Longtime fans may not recognize Dragon Quest VII when it hits the Nintendo 3DS thanks to the game getting completely remade with fresh 3D models and a new translation. Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past hits store shelves sometime later this year.

Monster Hunter X Hits U.S. Shores As Monster Hunter Generations

No release date has been announced, but Monster Hunter fans finally have official confirmation that Monster Hunter X is coming to North America sometime this summer under the title Monster Hunter Generations. Fans score additional bonus content in Generations if they play on a system with a game save from Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. As a special 48 hour Nintendo Direct sale, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is on sale in the eShop for $19.99 USD. Bridging the fandoms, a Monster Hunter Generations X Fire Emblem promotion materializes in the form of a special armor set based on Marth.

The Controversial Next Chapter For Metroid Prime

Metroid Prime producer Kensuke Tanabe reveals the next chapter in the franchise is going to be perhaps more MMO than classic Metroid. Super Mario Strikers and Punch Out! developer Next Level Games has been brought on board to bring the new online multiplayer Metroid to the Nintendo 3DS. Called Metroid Prime Federation Force, the game puts players in the heat of the conflict between the Space Pirates and the Galactic Federation. Although players won’t get to play as Samus this time around, they will get to experience the next chapter in the Prime saga with their friends and fellow fans; that is, if they decide to overcome their rage.

Kirby Hops In A Mech

In the final reveal of the Nintendo Direct, Kirby is set to get his own giant robot in Kirby: Planet Robobot. Technically, like most Kirby upgrades, he steals them from his enemies. After procuring a giant mech from a fallen baddie, Kirby gives the gear a pink paint job and a suction enhancement. In addition to the single-player adventure, Planet Robobot includes a four-player co-op boss battle mode called Team Kirby Clash. Planet Robobot uses the Download Play feature that allows all four players to enjoy the local multiplayer experience using just one cartridge.

Fans excited to throw their wallets at Nintendo after the Nintendo Direct can finally get rewarded for doing so with Nintendo’s revamped rewards program. Creating a My Nintendo account not only nets players Platinum coins, but it also gives players the opportunity to pre-register for Miitomo, Nintendo’s foray into mobile gaming.

Did the Nintendo Direct on March 3 hit it out of the park or strike out? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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