Yolanda Foster And Lisa Rinna Will Go Head-To-Head Over Lyme Disease Comments During ‘RHOBH’ Reunion?

Yolanda Foster and Lisa Rinna are reportedly headed for an on-screen confrontation regarding Rinna’s comments about Lyme disease on the sixth season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Although Rinna apologized to Yolanda Foster during an early episode of the show, things between them remain tense, and Yolanda Foster is said to be planning for a shocking encounter during the upcoming reunion special.

As fans saw on the show earlier this year, Rinna repeated a comment she heard from her hairdresser, which alleged Yolanda Foster may not really be suffering from Lyme disease. While Rinna never said that Yolanda Foster was lying about her illness, she explained the meaning of Munchausen Syndrome to her co-stars, including Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards, and right away, rumors began swirling in regard to the authenticity of Yolanda Foster’s health struggles.

Yolanda Foster “absolutely doesn’t believe Lisa’s hairdresser started the ridiculous rumor,” a source told Radar Online on March 3. “[Yolanda Foster] is convinced it was someone on the cast.”

For the longest time, Rinna didn’t want to disclose the information of who told her about Munchausen syndrome, but during an episode of Watch What Happens Live, she finally came clean. Still, Rinna’s friendship with Yolanda Foster will likely never be the same.

“Even though Yolanda and Lisa made up on camera, the friendship is still very much on the rocks,” the source continued. “She is going to give Lisa an ultimatum, fess up, or the friendship is over.”

In addition to the drama with Yolanda Foster and Rinna, fans also watched as Yolanda Foster confronted Lisa Vanderpump, claiming Vanderpump had suggested her children, Bella and Anwar Hadid, did not have Lyme disease as she had previously revealed. After Vanderpump revealed Mohamed Hadid had not said a thing to her about his children’s Lyme disease, rumors began swirling, which alleged Vanderpump had flat-out denied they were suffering from the illness.

A couple of episodes later, after Yolanda Foster offered up medical records to prove Bella and Anwar’s diagnosis, Vanderpump pulled her aside to assure that she would never speak ill of her children. Even prior to Vanderpump’s friendship with Yolanda Foster, she was close to their family due to her longtime friendship with Mohamed Hadid. In fact, during Monday’s episode, Vanderpump confirmed she was much closer to Hadid than she was to Yolanda Foster.

While Yolanda Foster and Vanderpump appeared to clear the air, the Lyme disease speculation storyline has continued from week to week, and when the cast reunites, Yolanda Foster is prepared to confront any one of her doubters.

“[Yolanda Foster] is planning on bringing it for the reunion. Kyle and Lisa Vanderpump should be ready!” the source added.

Earlier this week, Yolanda Foster taped an episode of ABC’s The Doctors, where she discussed her ongoing struggles with Lyme disease, and how her children have helped her through.

“My children is what kept me alive,” Yolanda Foster recalled, according to a report by E! News on March 1. “I remember just waiting for them to get out of school, you know, just to give them a hug and look at them for for hope.”

“It made them grow up all of a sudden, a lot faster,” she continued. “There were nights where Gigi, at three o’clock in the morning, had to drive me to the emergency room because I had such severe inflammation in my brain that I’d be balling on the floor like, ‘Please take me to the hospital!’ ”

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[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]