‘The Bachelorette’ 2016 Spoilers: Which Lady Seems Most Likely To Get The Gig? [Updated]

With the finale of ABC’s The Bachelor 2016 right around the corner, fans are starting to look ahead to this spring’s season of The Bachelorette. Spoilers tease that a decision regarding the new lead will be made very soon and as fans have figured, it seems that one of Ben Higgins’ final four will be getting the gig. What’s the latest scoop on this impending decision?

Us Weekly says that the Bachelorette 2016 lead with come from Higgins’ hometown date recipient group. That means that JoJo Fletcher, Caila Quinn, Amanda Stanton, and Lauren Bushnell are the ones currently in the mix of things as the show pins down a decision. Each of the four ladies has a solid fan base, though, of course, one of them is currently engaged to Ben and thus not an actual contender.

Seeing the next Bachelorette lead come from the final four will not come as much of a shock. While Jen Schefft and Emily Maynard “won” their Bachelor seasons and came back as leads after their engagements fell apart, all of the other leads so far have been ladies who were in the final four during their season. In fact, oftentimes that third-place spot has been the hot spot for garnering the gig.

So far, Reality Steve’s spoilers have indicated that a firm decision has not yet been made. However, he has detailed that it is seemingly coming down to JoJo and Caila, and that the latest Bachelorette spoilers are definitely pointing toward Caila getting the gig over JoJo. It would be hard to argue that — many signs are pointing in this direction at this point.

Caila did a quick chat with Good Morning America after her elimination, and she was said to get a lot of positive coverage during the “Women Tell All” taping. Quinn also just chatted with the Akron Beacon Journal, and it certainly seems the groundwork for her to become the Bachelorette is being laid.

“It’s something I definitely would consider. My No. 1 priority in life is to find the one for me. So if it works for others, it could work for me and I definitely would consider it.”

Even though the stars seem to be aligning for Quinn to become the Bachelorette 2016 lead, there are plenty of Bachelor fans anxious to see JoJo get the nod instead. While viewers are sure it could be done, Reality Steve’s spoilers have consistently pointed out that the odds are stacked against JoJo due to the timing of how the Bachelor season finishes and the Bachelorette filming begins.

Granted, if Reality Steve’s Bachelor spoilers regarding Ben Higgins’ final rose are wrong, that could shake up this discussion a bit. However, it’s been a consistent scenario that the third or fourth gal gets the gig, meaning that the odds are that either Caila or Amanda will be the Bachelorette 2016 star over JoJo or Lauren.

Why isn’t there as much buzz about Amanda as there is for Caila? While there are fans rallying for her, or even fifth-place finisher Becca Tilley, the current buzz most certainly seems to be swirling around Quinn. An announcement regarding the show’s decision will likely come during the March 14 “After the Final Rose” special, though Reality Steve’s Bachelorette spoilers will surely pin down the answer before then.

Do you think Caila Quinn should be picked to become ABC’s The Bachelorette 2016 lead or should it go to JoJo Fletcher, Amanda Stanton, Lauren Bushnell or someone else? Tune in to Ben Higgins’ final rose ceremony on The Bachelor on March 14 and stay tuned for the “ATFR” where it is likely that the official decision will be announced.

Update: Reality Steve shared via Twitter that Caila is currently doing some filming in her hometown, in what probably is footage to be used during The Bachelorette. Fans can consider this another sign that she very likely will be named the 2016 spring lead. However, as Steve cautions, both Nick Viall and Arie Luyendyk, Jr. did similar filming when they were rumored to score Bachelor lead gigs, but neither of them went on to get the opportunity.

A few hours later, Steve tweeted again that he had gotten confirmation that Caila Quinn has officially been offered the gig for The Bachelorette 2016 spring season. While ABC won’t announce it for a wee bit yet, it sounds as if the decision has been made.

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