Lisa Vanderpump Claims She Doesn’t Manipulate People: Says ‘RHOBH’ Has Been Draining

Lisa Vanderpump didn’t think that so many of her co-stars were talking behind her back until she watched this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Lisa knew that people were talking behind her back, but she was surprised to learn that some people were questioning her loyalty and friendships. And a feud quickly escalated between Lisa and Erika Girardi.

According to a new Bravo report, Lisa Vanderpump is now opening up about the confrontation with Erika, where she admitted to saying that she has a web of lies that people get caught up in. Lisa confronted Erika, probably with the goal of catching her off-guard, but Girardi was quick to admit her statements and revealed that she was indeed cautious of Vanderpump’s behavior.

“Hello, a pretty negative week and experience watching this episode, for sure. Very disappointing,” Lisa Vanderpump starts her blog, adding, “The strangest part of this whole experience is the false sense of security as you invest in new friendships… the friendships that start to prosper and develop (albeit riddled with hurdles as we navigate the complicated route that reality television entails), friendships you believe have some sort of longevity, only to see them shattered as you witness the vicious statements in the confessionals and the unseen footage that enlightens you now, that all was not as you thought. I had not a clue that I was the primary subject of discussion between some of the women.”

Of course, Lisa Vanderpump and Erika had hung out alone before, as they had gone on a double date with their husbands. And even Erika’s husband said he felt something special about Lisa. He felt that she was a crocodile, just waiting in the water to attack. And while Lisa did say “I like that” to his comment, she is now revealing that she doesn’t appeciate these labels coming from Erika and her husband.

“I absolutely had not embraced Erika’s husband’s veiled insult. I believed it to be playful. It was his first time with any of the group, and I didn’t want to cause a problem, but contrary to what Erika states in the park, that I enjoy that label… I don’t,” Lisa Vanderpump reveals, sharing that she doesn’t appreciate her co-stars putting labels on her. She’s referring to the conversation that Erika had with Yolanda Foster and Eileen Davidson in the park on Tuesday’s episode of the show.

And while so many of her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-stars claim that she’s manipulating people, getting them to do the dirty work for her, she herself doesn’t see it at all. This was something that Brandi Glanville had also alluded to last year, so it is interesting that Lisa’s new co-stars are feeling the same way. But for Vanderpump, she doesn’t see it.

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“Where is the manipulation? I viewed Rinna speaking in my defense. Eileen obviously wasn’t happy with her response, so we will see what transpires in relation to that,” Lisa Vanderpump explains, adding in her blog, “My tendency is to take people at face value, to believe what they show you until proven otherwise. Life isn’t about looking for problems, it’s about honest conversations and, I hope, mostly coupled with humor. This is the start of an emotionally draining experience that has resonated for sure.”

Clearly, there’s plenty more drama coming for Lisa and her co-stars in the following weeks. As Vanderpump reveals, this is an emotional time for her and she hints that she doesn’t really think that things will get better between herself and her co-stars. Surely, the reunion special will be interesting.

Do you see Lisa Vanderpump’s manipulation?

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