Louis Tomlinson: Custody Battle With Briana Jungwirth Continues In Wake Of Grandfather’s Passing

Louis Tomlinson gets no rest, after his grandfather’s funeral, from Briana Jungwirth, who wants to hammer out the details of their custody agreement of little Freddie Tomlinson. The baby is only 1-month-old, and Briana is feeling very protective. TMZ reports that Briana does not want Freddie to be around Tomlinson’s girlfriend, Danielle Campbell, at all. In order to enforce this, she wants to limit Freddie’s visits with his dad to her own home. Therefore, she can completely control who Little Freddie sees. Unfortunately, this would also prevent Louis from having any alone time with his son, or taking him on outings.

Understandably, Louis Tomlinson does not agree with these custody terms, nor does he like the amount of child support Briana wants. Already, Tomlinson is providing a luxurious three-bedroom home for Briana and the baby. He was prepared for a generous allotment for expenses as well, but Briana reportedly wants a lot more cash allowance than Tomlinson is prepared to give her.

Louis Tomlinson wants to be fair about the custody of his son, but obviously feels Briana is the one being unfair. Briana is allegedly concerned that Freddie Tomlinson might bond with Danielle Campbell. Her point could be simply that she wants Freddie to look only to her as a mother figure, or she could be looking ahead to a time when Louis and Danielle break up, which could leave little Freddie confused and devastated if they became close. While it might be an issue eventually, Louis wants more access to his son.

Louis Tomlinson is currently spending a lot of time with his 17-year-old sister, Lottie, according to the Daily Mail. The siblings are comforting each other as they mourn the recent loss of their grandfather and struggle to keep custody of little Freddie.

Last month, Louis was enjoying a lot of peaceful time with his son. He and Briana were getting along, and everything seemed fine until a little over a week ago. Then Briana started to become more interested in settling custody in courts than dealing with Louis directly. She may be jealous of Danielle, or perhaps just feels it is not appropriate for Freddie’s attention to be divided between two mother figures, one of which could easily be temporary.

Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson from One Direction
Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson from One Direction with their British Artist Video of the Year award at the BRIT Awards 2016. [Photo by Luca Teuchmann/Getty Images]
Briana could possibly even want Louis to make a proper family with her, instead of dating other girls, though she certainly has not said so. It is hard to imagine that she has not at least thought of it, since she just had his baby. It would be a completely natural idea, especially postpartum. It is also natural for a new mother to be apprehensive about the father taking the baby out without being along. Even married women feel that way, the first few times daddy wants to give her a break. For new mothers, every moment away from baby can be nerve wracking, even terrifying. It goes against instincts.

Louis Tomlinson (photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)
Louis Tomlinson [Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]
Louis Tomlinson, on a completely different topic, has apparently decided he would like to have the job of X-Factor judge if it were to be made available to him. While on the red carpet at the Brits awards, Louis told the Sun he’d love the opportunity to replace Nick Grimshaw on X-Factor — that is, if it is offered to him.

“Of course, it’s really exciting. We’ve had no official conversation yet. But yeah, I mean, why wouldn’t I?”

Tomlinson has a lot of things going on, but nothing seems to be settled just yet. He might have a steady job on X-Factor, if they offer him the job. He is trying to spend as much time as possible with Freddie. Briana is effectively making that difficult though.

Louis Tomlinson is trying to be make his life work out while on break from One Direction.

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