Phaedra Parks’ Son Wants To Visit Dad In Prison Again: Ayden Visits ‘RHOA’ Reunion

Phaedra Parks kept her children away from the Kentucky prison where her estranged husband, Apollo Nida, was serving his time for fraud. Phaedra wasn’t sure if she wanted to bring her two young boys to the prison so they could see their father, as she was scared of what might happen. Parks was also concerned about her sons losing some respect for their father after seeing him locked up and in an orange jump suit.

According to a new Wetpaint Entertainment report, Phaedra Parks decided to take her sons to see Apollo after him serving a year behind bars. The journey was documented on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, and fans will get to see some of the journey on Sunday’s episode. Even though the preview shows Ayden sleeping, he’s now revealing that he would love to see his father again.

Phaedra Parks has revealed that the prison trip was “the last thing she wanted to do with the boys,” but she understands that the boys have to see their father.

“Phaedra wants the boys to have a relationship with their father, but going to the prison was more than she could handle. Ayden is asking when they can go back to see Apollo,” a source has revealed about the visit.

It has been over 18 months since Nida turned himself in to serve over 8 years. He turned himself in in Kentucky, but has later been transferred to New Jersey, which makes it harder for Phaedra Parks to visit with her two sons. There have been various rumors about Parks keeping her sons from her estranged husband, but The Real Housewives of Atlanta has revealed that they are indeed talking to him on the phone.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Phaedra Parks sat down with the ladies to film the reunion special last month, and Ayden stopped by to say hello to Andy Cohen. He talked about kindergarten, which is something that concerned Parks a bit. As fans will see on the upcoming episode of the show, Ayden struggled a bit to get settled with his new classmates.

Ayden tells his mother that he’s scared about going to kindergarten. But he reassures her that he can totally handle it, because he’s her little boy. Parks told Us Weekly about that scene, and she cries every time she thinks about it. While Parks is proud of her son, she may wish that he had a male role model to help him through these tough times.

“Just as a mom, when he said, ‘Am I going to be your baby?’ it was emotional to me just to hear that fear because I teach him, ‘We fear nothing,’ ” Parks says tearfully, adding, “So when he said that in the car, it just broke my heart.”

One can imagine that Ayden won’t be on The Real Housewives of Atlanta for the reunion special, as it is one that is reserved for the ladies. Ayden just stopped by, as he is often calling in to the reunion to talk to Andy Cohen. But one can imagine that Cohen will talk to Phaedra Parks about her relationship to Nida, who is still serving his time. He has over 6 years left, but he has hinted that he could be out early.

Apollo Nida has told his fans that he could be out sooner rather than later, but his lawyer hasn’t talked about this at all. Maybe he’s just hoping for the best with good behavior, but since this is his second time behind bars, an early release may not be possible.

What do you think about Phaedra Parks taking her sons to see Apollo behind bars?

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