‘Need For Speed’ Xbox One, PS4 Update V1.06 Now Live — ‘NFS’ For PC Available March 9 Via Origin Access

A new Need for Speed update has been released for PS4 and Xbox One. Additionally, the game’s PC version is slated for release this month.

The latest game update for EA’s racing video game went live today, March 3, for the two console versions. According to a Reddit post, Need for Speed update version 1.06 is currently available for those who own the PS4 and Xbox One copies of the game. The full patch notes revealed that the newest game update brings in a new feature, new cars, and a lot more.

Check out the Twitter post from the official Need for Speed account below announcing the update’s launch.

Citing the official website of Need for Speed, the recently released game update introduces the highly-requested feature, the Manual Transmission. This new NFS feature gives gamers a new experience with “all the control they could ever need,” Videogamer shared.

Moreover, upon getting the freshest “Need for Speed” Xbox One and PS4 update, players will be able to drive two new Hot Rods, the 1932 Hot Rod and the Aaron Beck “BeckKustoms F132.” According to the official website, the former comes with four distinctive Body kits which can transform the car “into a great new look; Soft Top, Coupe, Sedan and Pickup.”

Meanwhile, Aaron Beck “BeckKustoms F132” was described in the post as “an absolute monster of a ride and defines the word ‘custom’.” The post added, “When you take the shell from a Ford 1932, gently massage it into a fierce Formula One style chassis and strap in a high-performance NASCAR engine, this is what you get.”

Below are more tweets from NFS showing new cars included in the update.

For those wanting to get a new ride but having problems with limited space, the Need For Speed update is also upgrading the garage so it can store five more cars via The Warehouse feature.

Furthermore, fans can expect new Drag events from the game update. For those NFS gamers eyeing to get a speed fix, the five additional Drag events to watch out for are Neck to Neck, Drag the Town, Speed Tunnel, Pedal to the Metal, and The Perfect Shifts.

Need for Speed fans can also look forward to improvements made with Wrap Editor, which includes animation that tells when a decal has been added to a vehicle.

‘Need For Speed’ Xbox One, PS4 Update V1.06 Now Live
(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

Meanwhile, PC gamers will be delighted to know that a version of Need for Speed is arriving soon for home computers, and some people can access it earlier — days before the game’s official PC release date. According to another update from the game’s official website, the trial date for Need for Speed will begin March 9 for Origin Access members. The “Play First Trial” offered to those with membership to Origin Access bestows gamers with ten hours of “Need For Speed” experience. It is noted that this ten-hour limit is only counted when the game is open. Thus, players who will access the game during trial period are advised to ensure that they close the game when they are finished playing.

On the said initial date for Need for Speed for PC trial, those with Origin Access membership should be able to “download the full game and take to the streets on their journey to become the Ultimate Icon.” Further describing what NFS for PC can offer, the official post shared as follows.

“Get behind the wheel of iconic cars and floor it through the sprawling urban playground that is Ventura Bay. With an extensive range of visual and performance modifications, you can build a car to reflect your own character and style.”

Need for Speed PC version highlights an “unlocked frame rate,” and a whopping 4K resolution. Manual transmission feature is also offered in NFS for PC. Official Need for Speed PC release date is set for March 15.

[Photo by Miguel Villagran/Getty Images]