‘K. Michelle: My Life’ Exclusive: Pop Artist Sham Ibrahim Regrets Introducing K. Michelle To German Prince

Pop artist Sham Ibrahim, who appeared on Monday night’s broadcast of VH1’s hit show K. Michelle: My Life, is coming forward, claiming he regrets introducing German Prince Mario Max Schaumburg Lippe to K. Michelle at his art show. It turns out that the prince wasn’t all that charming and may have offended K. Michelle with some of the off-hand remarks he made during a dinner date.

On Monday’s episode, K. Michelle is seen attending one of Sham’s art shows. Sham introduces her to the German Prince and K. Michelle ends up going to the prince’s house where he cooks her dinner. It turns out that the prince can cook and K. is pretty impressed with his culinary skills. The prince may be able to whip up some great dishes with his silver spoon, but he needs to work on his conversation skills, and that has Sham doubting that the prince is fit for his friend.

While eating dinner with K. Michelle, the German prince referred to the VH1 reality star as a “booty star” and a “rapper.” K. Michelle isn’t either of those things and her real claim to fame is a pretty amazing set of pipes. When K. tried to explain what she did to her new offensive beau, he didn’t seem to understand there was a difference between R&B, the style of music she sings, and rap, which she does not. As for her booty, well, K. Michelle has actually been toning down her backside and even spoke to B. Scott about it a few months ago.

'K. Michelle: My Life' Exclusive: Pop Artist Sham Ibrahim Regrets Introducing K. Michelle To German Prince
Photo by Orlando Welsh

“I didn’t like the way he spoke to her during dinner at his house,” Sham told Inquisitr exclusively. “K Michelle is not a rapper or a ‘booty star’ as he called it. She’s a gifted musician with an amazing voice and I felt he was being extremely disrespectful!”

Sham went on to explain why he set his friend up with the German prince. “I was concerned about her relationship with Bobby (K. Michelle’s previous love interest on the show) because he seemed to be immature and not well suited for K. I knew she was breaking things off with him, so I invited her to my art show hoping to introduce her to one of my single straight male friends.” K. Michelle had said after dealing with Bobby K. and all his drama that she just wanted to find a rich, white man. The German prince seemed to fit the bill and even though there were a few awkward moments, the pair seemed to hit it off at first. It turns out that the prince was less than charming and Sham is second guessing his hookup.

“I barely knew the Prince or anything about him, other than he was tall, white, and claimed to be heterosexual. After I saw the way he treated her at dinner on the show, I certainly regret introducing him to her. In fact, I feel I’ve made a huge mistake!” Is Sham hoping that K. Michelle dumps the German prince? Maybe the multi-talented pop artist can play matchmaker again. Certainly there is a suitable match for K. Michelle in Los Angeles.

One thing is for sure, though, Sham Ibrahim is definitely feeling protective of his friend and isn’t too happy about the way the prince talked to her. “I’m not sure what is going to happen between them, but I hope K. Michelle doesn’t get too involved with the Prince!!! All I can do now is watch the show and see what happens.”

[Photo by Orlando Welsh, used with permission from Sham Ibrahim]