‘Batman V. Superman’: Post-Credit Possibilities From The Big Villain To ‘Justice League’ Movie [Rumors]

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, just like other comic book movies, could also follow along the line of doing a post-credits scene. However, it won’t be in the style that would be expected as it was said to follow in a montage format as seen in Snyder’s Watchmen movie, according to Geeks and Cleats. So this seems to be a spin, different than that of Marvel Studios, of presenting the future of the DC Cinematic Universe.

That being said, there are rumors and speculations going on about how this montage would play out. What Culture came up with some ideas regarding what would be presented. This could include anything from building up to the big baddie to presenting the world with the team-up of the Justice League.

Thanos Is To Marvel As Who Is To DC?

Comic book movie fans got a few teased tidbits of the Mad Titan, well known in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Of course, Doomsday, the alien being known in the comics to have killed Superman, was already seen and rather abruptly obvious. So there is no build-up whatsoever to that guy as bad as he is.

Batman v. Superman movie promotional pictures have been teased on the web of Batman overseeing a landscape and an encounter with possible Parademons. Going back to the open landscape, there’s a large Omega emblem in the sand that’s representative of the symbol adorned by Darkseid. His powers such the Omega Beams can be controlled on-the-spot once fired at his target. It’s quite relentless.

Just like with Marvel, Polygon cites a likelihood of a “connective tissue” that brings it all together with a sizable encounter.

“Every interconnected movie-verse needs some connective tissue, a reason for all these heroes to come together – and we’ll probably see this threat after the credits roll on March 25th.”

Lead-In To The Justice League Movie

The Dawn of Justice subtitle make it rather obvious for the future of the DC team-up. However, with characters like Jason Momoa’s Aquaman, Ray Fisher’s Cyborg, the rumored Barry Allen/Flash as portrayed by Erza Miller, and then the DC Trinity of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman, there isn’t much left over after the main feature.

What better way to introduce the rest of the ensemble in Snyder’s post-credit montage? Polygon had envisioned this as a specualative thought.

“Imagine the screen going black, and a musical cue swelling up to reveal all six members of the Justice League stood side-by-side, possibly observing a wrecked Gotham city and swearing vengeance on the villain that caused it.”

Sounds like a good visual for a Batman v. Superman end-credits montage, right? JoBlo even mentioned that if the movie doesn’t do as well as anyone would hope, this whole ordeal could set the scene for the next decade of DC comic book movies, with a rumored Ben Affleck-directed Batman to boot.

Perhaps there would be “shawarma” gathering of sorts as seen in the Avengers movie where everyone is eating in awkward silence in the aftermath of The Battle of New York. Maybe there could be something rather similar, but with the Kryptonian and the Dark Knight partaking in cleaning up after the Zod vs. Superman fight from Man of Steel? After the Batman v. Superman movie, would a clean up of both Gotham and Metroplis be necessary?

Which Green Lantern Is The Chosen One?

Not only rumors have been going around about Denzel Washington, Tyrese Gibson, and Chris Pine being the next Green Lantern, but there’s also Jon Stewart, Hal Jordon, and others to consider when who is playing whom, according to Collider as this is a reboot not expected until 2020.

Aquaman, Solo Batman Movie, “The Rock” as Black Adam, And Jared Leto’s Joker

There is a thought that a possible solo Batman movie adventure would be teased. Not only is he rumored to star, but also write and direct, according to Polygon. Teases such as hinting at a villain much like the Joker was teased in Batman Begins as Gordon stated that both have a flare for the theatrics.

The Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice movie could “end scene” with the screen darkened, Jared Leto’s Joker laugh, and then ending Robin’s life. This would tie together the Robin outfit scene in the Dawn of Justice movie trailer. That’s pretty far reaching, but makes some sense.

Then there is the “setting the stage for Aquaman” as a possibility and finally there’s the charismatic Dwayne The Rock Johnson playing the villain Black Adam. There’s a Shazam movie coming out in 2019 and it would pretty impressive to see him come out in the end-tease montage.

But since there could be a montage, wouldn’t all the above find its way at the end of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice set to release on March 25?

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