Kendall Jenner Talks Serious ‘Boob’ Stuff With Gigi Hadid In Instagram Video

Kendall Jenner is not afraid to talk about real lady issues with her fans. Especially when the other party involved in the discussion is Gigi Hadid, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star’s very close friend.

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The video shows the two of them dance in their underwear and their hectic model lives. Kendall captioned her video “boob talk.” One can see Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner getting ready backstage. The two can be seen in nothing but lingerie backstage.

The two supermodels talk about their breasts size and how they get really big when it’s “that time of the month.” “My boobs are really small right now,” Gigi tells Kendall as both cup their boobs. They are wearing matching black lingerie. “They get really big when it’s that time of the month,” Gigi said. Both of them agree in unison that their boobs did get bigger during “that time of the month!”


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The extended video that is available on Vogue, shows how interesting a life Kendall Jenner lives. She shaves in the backseat of the car, she dances backstage with Gigi Hadid, and chows down McDonald’s as she spends some time with Marc Jacobs. The video has her talk about some model issues. Jenner looked very approachable and down-to-earth in the video, a quality that is most often not associated with supermodels.

Kendall Jenner is known to share pictures with her fans, no matter what she is doing. She posted a picture of herself swinging a golf club on a cliff that is covered with snow. She appears to be standing on the edge of the cliff and swinging the club. She captioned the picture “Fore.”


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Apart from her high profile modelling career, she has also been in news for her relationship with ex-One Direction band member Harry Styles. The two were seen together on a holiday in St Barts. However, Kendall was also reported to be not impressed by Harry Styles’ body odor, The Inquisitr had reported.

However, Kendall and Harry’s relationship has been under scrutiny after she was seen with another man.

Moreover, the two were not seen together on the Valentine’s day, which further started rumors of their break up. However, the couple had never really confirmed their relationship publicly. The Daily Mail reported that when Piers Morgan asked Harry whether he was dating Ms. Jenner, he replied, “I mean, we went out for dinner, but no. I guess.” But Piers Morgan was not the one to give up and he asked, “Did I hear in Los Angeles, a hot date? Budding romance?” Harry Styles insisted he didn’t want to talk about it. In Touch Weekly reported that Jenner wasn’t exactly serious about her relationship with Harry Styles and said that Harry was too “loosey-goosey” for her.

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The source also confirmed that the two were not on bad terms or anything. However, the source said that Kendall was not going to sit around waiting for Harry to make his next move. The term “loosey-goosey” sort of sums up what Kendall thinks about it all.

“They aren’t on bad terms or anything, but Kendall isn’t going to wait around for Harry to make the next move, which would be to make a serious commitment and follow up with concrete actions. She wants a guy who’s going to walk the walk.”

Kendall Jenner, however, is too busy to probably think about relationships at the moment. She is often seen with her friend Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid at major fashion shows. They were having fun at Chanel’s Haute Couture show in Paris were they twerked wearing Chanel.

Do you think Kendall Jenner should give Harry Styles a shot or just continue concentrating on her fashion career?

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