CrowdReviews Disrupts Global Review Industry, Urges Businesses To Select Reviewed Software And Companies

Crowd Reviews, an online platform for reviewing and ranking software and technology services, has urged businesses to select reviewed companies before working with them. The platform has also invited users of email marketing solutions to leave reviews on software enlisted based on their experience.

Founded in October, 2015, by Jeev Trika and headquartered in Santa Fe, New Mexico, U.S.A., Crowd Reviews, LLC, currently is operating in its beta stage, and has been deemed to help businesses find tech-companies based on customer satisfaction and reviews. Trika, who holds a Bachelor’s in Computer Science and a MBA from Purdue University, currently serves as an investor and facilitator at Crowd Reviews, LLC, and hopes to guide the platform into new direction.

With 13 years of experience in the reviews and rating industry, Trika’s involvement in over 250 ranking and review websites is what inspired him to initiate CrowdReviews, he says.

“My vision became a reality in that consumers are now completely in control of what services and software is awarded best-in-category titles in a crystal clear manner. I’ve certainly witnessed the frustrations that buyers have in trying to find credible sources for reviews and ratings which haven’t been skewed by vendor interests and monetization politics. With thousands of review websites offering rankings without any definitive way to clarify why a specific product or service is selected over another, was specifically founded as a way to not only set the standard for transparency in reviews and ratings, but to disrupt a reviews and ratings industry which has failed to meet any buyer expectations. This is why in our Advertising Division we only get paid when we deliver results to our customers.”

Having built businesses in five different countries across four continents in India, Canada, Australia, United States, and the United Kingdom, Trika’s exceptional entrepreneurial wizardry has seen several businesses grow their revenues to several million dollars.

“Consumers and businesses of all sizes understand the frustrations of attempting to select a product or service from a sea of thousands. When the providers are able to develop the narrative, it can be difficult to not only find those that consistently meet the expectations of their customers, but it’s also difficult for companies producing great work to receive the recognition they truly deserve. At Crowd Reviews LLC these companies can stand out from the crowd, ” Trika added.

This free review platform provides rankings for software and search engine optimization companies while they have also employed a transparent algorithm as part of their ranking. Users with experience, businesses themselves, and even competitors can urge to voice their opinions in the platform and help businesses to find the best agency according to their requirements.

The company is also transparent about their business and say that they receive funds through donations and verification process that adds authenticity to products and services.

Crowd Reviews provides unbiased, community driven, and transparent reviews and considers five parameters to rate each product or service, which are independently-verifiable and transparent. With their truly unique ranking algorithm, the platform considers review strength, reputation strength, reviewer strength, profile strength and verified status to rank products and services based on user reviews.

“I pride myself in ensuring that all of our users are able to discover exactly how and why the rankings are produced as they are,” Trika concludes.

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