Marvel Cinematic Universe: ‘Agent Carter’ Season 2 Finale Recap

Dustin Murrell - Author

Nov. 3 2016, Updated 5:51 p.m. ET

As last week’s back-to-back episodes of Agent Carter (“The Edge of Mystery” and “A Little Song and Dance“) ended, a Zero Matter-related explosion left in question the condition of Vernon Masters, Jason Wilkes, and Whitney Frost. Along with the viewers, Agent Peggy Carter, Chief Daniel Sousa, Chief Jack Thompson, and Dr. Aloysius Samberly were left unaware of whether or not anyone survived the blast.

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At the very beginning of “Hollywood Ending” — the Season 2 Finale at Episode 10 — they discover that Wilkes and Frost survived (R.I.P. Vernon Masters). While Wilkes’ body is now completely free of Zero Matter, Frost’s lust for the substance has only grown stronger. With no tools to stop her, Frost absorbs the leftover Zero Matter from the explosion and focuses on how she can create another rift to gain access to more Zero Matter.


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While Frost is obsessed with finding a formula that will show her how to once again open the rift, Carter and her crew have to come up with a way to rid the world of Zero Matter for good. They are surprised when Frost’s beau Joseph Manfredi shows up asking for help. He doesn’t like how Frost has been acting under the influence of Zero Matter, and wants to do whatever it takes to get it out of her system. He helps Carter and Sousa break into Frost’s place to steal the intel, which is then handed over to the brain trust now consisting of Wilkes, Samberly and Howard Stark.

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Once they put their egos aside and minds together, these three wise men find a way to open the rift. As soon as it is opened, Frost is immediately aware of it and is drawn to the rift. As she stands before the it, the team of brains hit her with a modified gamma ray cannon that knocks the Zero Matter out of her and into the rift. After removing the now-powerless Frost from the equation, the final task required was to close the rift. Thanks to some heroics on the part of Chief Sousa, quick thinking on the part of Jarvis, and the teamwork of everyone else involved, a plan that involved sending Stark’s hover-car into the abyss ultimately saved the day.

With Zero Matter seemingly gone for good and Whitney Frost finally in custody, all that was left for the Season Finale was to tie up all of the loose ends. And in true Marvel Cinematic Universe fashion, if you watched until the very end, one final clip provides the perfect set-up for the next chapter of Marvel’s Agent Carter.

Agent Carter & Chief Sousa

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While fans may never know exactly what happened between Carter and Sousa in the time lapse separating the first two seasons, the last time we see these two, they are embraced in a very passionate kiss. While Carter has been given a new clue regarding the mystery of the Council of Nine, she has officially requested additional vacation time to remain in California with Chief Sousa. With Vernon Masters out of the way, could the SSR hold on a little longer than expected? Cross your fingers that ABC goes forward with Season 3!

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Jason Wilkes, Howard Stark and Mr. & Mrs. Jarvis

While Wilkes was afraid that it would be hard to find a job as a black scientist, his work with Howard earned him a job at Stark Industries. They will be working together in Malibu on something Stark apparently discovered in Peru. Ana Jarvis has returned to the Stark Mansion from the hospital in good condition. Driving Carter to the airport, Edwin admits that he has grown to love life in Hollywood and urges Agent Carter to reconsider staying — even if only to spend time with Chief Sousa.

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Chief Thompson

While it still seems clear that Jack Thompson is always looking out for himself, he turns out to be a (mostly) good guy in the end. While exploring some things Vernon Masters left behind, he finds the Council of Nine pin and discovers that it’s actually a key. Luckily, he gives the key to Carter, because he is shot in the final scene of the season, and the mystery assailant took the rest of Masters’ things (which included the fake SOE documents from earlier in the season that paint Agent Carter as something of a terrorist). If Season 3 is green-lighted, this should prove to be the criminal Carter chases.

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Joseph Manfredi

While still one of the most vicious career criminals in Carter’s world, Manfredi was shown in a more positive light as Season 2 came to a conclusion. He had very strong, very genuine feelings for Whitney Frost and went out of his way to work with Stark and Carter to insure her safety. Manfredi is alive and free — although heartbroken (see below) — and the character will be available for use if Season 3 comes to fruition.

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Dr. Samberly and Rose Roberts

While nothing definite is made of this budding relationship, Stark is seen flirting with Rose at the end of the episode. While Rose is flattered, Dr. Samberly is clearly jealous. Both of them will keep the jobs they currently have, and there’s a good chance a romance will blossom between now and the beginning of Season 3.

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Whitney Frost & Dottie Underwood

The characters of these two female super villain rivals of Agent Carter have a couple of things in common: they’re both still alive and they’re both behind bars. While Dottie hasn’t been seen since Chief Thompson took her back to New York after she assisted Carter in the pursuit of Frost, there’s no reason to think she couldn’t show up again if Season 3 ever happens. Frost, for her part, is shown having gone completely insane. Without Zero Matter, she hallucinates that she’s still married to Calvin Chadwick. We see this as Manfredi visits her — and he’s genuinely heartbroken.

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Hydra & S.H.I.E.L.D.

The importance of Agent Peggy Carter in the overall scheme of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is that she plays a pivotal role in the creation of S.H.I.E.L.D., the organization tasked (in part) with fighting Hydra. The creation of S.H.I.E.L.D. comes after the dissolution of the SSR. At the same time, Hydra’s history is intertwined with that of the Council of Nine.

Throughout Season 2, Vernon Masters made it clear that there were those who didn’t believe the SSR should exist any longer. Meanwhile, Whitney Frost essentially broke up the Council of Nine when she was at her most powerful. If Season 3 of Marvel’s Agent Carter is written, you have to believe the connections between the SSR and S.H.I.E.L.D. — as well as the one between the Council of Nine and Hydra — will be more fully addressed.

The end of the second season of Marvel’s Agent Carter means that Tuesday nights on ABC will once again feature Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., which returns from its mid-season break next week on March 8.

Where To Watch

ABC aired Marvel’s Agent Carter Tuesday evenings at 9/8c while Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. was on a mid-season break. Every episode of Season 2 — including “Hollywood Ending” — is available at ABC’s website. Beginning Wednesdays, replays of Agent Carter can also be streamed on-demand with a Hulu Plus Subscription. Although not currently available through Hulu or Netflix, the first season of Marvel’s Agent Carter can be streamed if purchased through Amazon.

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