Jennifer Lopez Didn’t Know Keith Urban Was ‘Falling Apart’ Over Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Idol’ Performance

Jennifer Lopez is opening up about Kelly Clarkson’s emotional American Idol performance of “Piece By Piece” on February 25 – and Keith Urban’s surprisingly tearful reaction.

Speaking out about Kelly’s stunning final American Idol performance during an appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers on March 2, Lopez admitted that she was so transfixed by Clarkson that she didn’t even realize that her fellow judge Keith Urban was incredibly emotional during the performance as he sat beside her at American Idol the judging desk.

“I didn’t even notice… I was so into [Clarkson’s] performance and watching her and feeling so much for her, I didn’t even realize that Keith Urban was falling apart next to me!” Jennifer Lopez told Myers of Urban’s teary moment in the new interview.

Jennifer Lopez also admitted that she didn’t realize her co-judge was so emotional until she watched the show back that night.

“I, like, I watched it back later at home,” Jennifer said the performance during her appearance on the late night talk show. “I was like ‘Let me see how the show looked tonight…’ and I go, ‘Oh my God! I’m an idiot!'”

“I didn’t even go like this!” Jennifer said, gesturing that she should have comforted Urban by rubbing his back. “Not one time did I look at him and notice he was sobbing. The grown man next to me was sobbing. I had no idea!”

Even though Jennifer Lopez may not have noticed, Keith was visibly emotional during Kelly’s performance on the long-running talent show last week, which a source later revealed to Hollywood Life was down to the song’s sobering message about being a father.

According to an insider close to Urban who spoke to the site, not only was Keith empathetic to Kelly while she sung, but the song that made him and Jennifer so emotional also allegedly made Urban think of his own father, who passed away in December 2015.

“Unlike Kelly, Keith grew up having a great relationship with his father Bob. Unfortunately he died in December and Keith is still heartbroken over it,” a source close to Keith told Hollywood Life last week. “Hearing Kelly sing about what a great father her husband is what got to him.”

The insider also revealed that “Piece By Piece” got Jennifer Lopez’s fellow American Idol judge thinking of his own role as a dad to his two young children with wife Nicole Kidman, Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret.

“Being the best father he can be to his two little angels is the most important thing in the word to Keith,” Hollywood Life’s source continued of Urban. “Kelly’s song hit home on all sorts of levels and he couldn’t help but break down in tears.”

But it’s not just Kelly Clarkson’s final American Idol performance that got Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban, and fellow judge Harry Connick Jr. emotional this season.

Jennifer also revealed during her appearance on Late Night With Seth Myers that the judging panel found themselves getting more emotional of this year’s performances, seeing as it’s the final season of the Fox show, which first began way back in 2002.

“It is, it is for me, but I cry… I cry for everything” Lopez joked. “It’s just, it’s been such an amazing show. I’ve watched it since the first season and now to think that it’s going to be gone is hard, you know, it’s brought us so many great moments.”

Watch Jennifer Lopez opening up about Kelly Clarkson’s emotional American Idol performance, and Keith’s very teary reaction, below.

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