Britney Spears Spills New Album Details — Everything You Need To Know About ‘B9’

Britney Spears is gearing up for the release of her ninth studio album, nicknamed by fans B9, so we’re getting you up-to-date with everything you need to know about Spears’s impending release.

1. It’s Britney’s best work “in a long time”

Spears just got pretty candid about new music in the 100th anniversary issue of V magazine, where she teased fans that her upcoming release is “the best thing [she’s] done in a long time.” Adding that she’s “very proud” of her new tracks, Britney also revealed in the magazine that fans can expect to hear a new sound from her with B9.

“It’s very different; it’s not what you would think at all,” Spears continued to V. “I just know that the direction I’m going in is so good.”

2. It’s multi-dimensional

While we know Britney best for her upbeat dance numbers, Spears told E! News last year that her upcoming release will feature everything from dance tracks to ballads.

“We’re having fun right now,” Britney teased. “I’m working with some women who are amazing writers. I have ballads and, of course, dance music—fun cheeky sexy stuff.”

Britney also hinted on Twitter back in October that she was working on a song for the new album that’s set to make fans smile from ear to ear.

“JUST finished recording some vox. LOVE this song,” Spears tweeted out to her more than 44 million Twitter followers on October 30. “It makes ME smile, and I hope it will make you smile too…” Spears wrote, alongside the hashtag “#B9.”

3. It features some huge names

Although Spears isn’t revealing if she’s planning on teaming up with for any duets on B9, we do know that there are some pretty big names who are working on Britney’s new album behind-the-scenes.

According to MTV News, songwriter Esjay Jones revealed in a now-deleted tweet that she was part of Spears’ new music and also let slip that Trey Vittetoe and Gina Schock, who have previously worked with both Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus, were both on board for B9.

“#2016 Ecstatic to be working on the @britneyspears #EP with the #DreamTeam @Trey_Vittetoe #ginaschock #britneyspears,” Jones tweeted in January.

DJ Mustard, who’s produced tracks including Kid Ink and Chris Brown’s “Show Me” and Jeremih and YG’s “Don’t Tell ‘Em,” also revealed that he’d been working with Spears in an interview with CapitalEXTRA last year. The producer admitted that he and Spears had been working on something huge, that he promised is “going to be crazy” when it’s finally released.

“We got something harder than all that. It’s like it’s a movie, it’s crazy,” he continued. “I can’t really go too much on it, but it’s like — it’s incredible.”

Record producer Danja also confirmed in a Periscope chat that he’s been working with Spears for her upcoming release, which will be music to the ears of fans of Spears past albums. Britney previously worked with Danja on the megahit “Gimme More,” and he also produced three tracks on Spears’ 2008 album Circus.

But the big names don’t stop there. Songwriter Chantal Kreviazuk, who’s written for some of music’s biggest stars like Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, and Jennifer Lopez, tweeted that she’d hit the studio with Spears back in July 2015.

“[It] was a next level pop day 4 me [with] a genius vocal performance by @britneyspears,” the songwriter tweeted to fans.

4. There’s no official release date (yet!)

Although Britney Spears may be dropping new music hints in recent days, that unfortunately doesn’t mean B9 is necessarily right around the corner. Spears admitted to V that she’s “not rushing anything” when it comes to finishing her new release and even admitted that she’s willing to put in the hours until it’s ready, whether that takes a few days or even a few years.

“Honestly, I’m just particular with this record. It’s my baby, and so I really want it done right,” Britney confessed in the magazine. “I would much rather have it be completely how I want it to be, whether that takes another year for me to do, or two months. I have no idea at this point.”

“I’m not rushing anything,” Spears continued in the new music interview. “I just want it to be done right, so that my fans will truly appreciate it.”

But while Britney’s staying mum on when we can hear new music, Spears did coyly tease in a recent chat with the Las Vegas Sun that we can expect to hear something “soon… very soon.”

Are you looking forward to new music from Britney Spears?

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]