NFL Rumors: Dallas Cowboys Replacing Brandon Carr With Pacman Jones

NFL rumors have long surrounded the Dallas Cowboys and their defensive secondary because it was deemed as one of the biggest weaknesses on the team. According to Yahoo! Sports, the team could be releasing Brandon Carr and replacing him with Pacman Jones, a former Cowboys corner back who was most recently with the Cincinnati Bengals. As with most things done by the Cowboys, this move will spark quite a bit of conversations.

If Brandon Carr somehow still remains with the Dallas Cowboys on his contract term, then he will be the fourth highest paid corner back in the NFL. The three players in front of him are pretty good. Darrelle Revis has been a one man island for a very long time. Richard Sherman won a Super Bowl by dominating wide receivers. Josh Norman is fighting for the top spot. Carr doesn’t belong in the same conversation.

Carolina Panthers star Josh Norman
Josh Norman [Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images]
If the Dallas Cowboys keep Brandon Carr, then he’s going to count nearly $14 million towards the salary cap. Even if he were a good player, then the Cowboys would still consider releasing him from his contract. However, Carr has not been a good player since coming over to Dallas from the Kansas City Chiefs. The Cowboys had trouble creating turnovers on defense this past season, and Carr did not help that whatsoever because he failed to notch a single interception.

There’s a very good chance that two out of the three top corner backs for the Dallas Cowboys will be completely new next season. Brandon Carr is on the verge of being released, even if he agrees to take a substantial pay cut. The Cowboys might also be done with the Morris Claiborne experiment. Orlando Scandrick, who was out for much of the season with a torn ACL injury, will be the only one coming back to Dallas next season.

Dallas Cowboys defensive back Brandon Carr
Brandon Carr [Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images]
Joining Orlando Scandrick at the cornerback position next season might be Pacman Jones. The two of them could be the starters for the Dallas Cowboys when the season starts, unless Jerry Jones finds a gem in the NFL Draft or is able to convince one of the top free agents to sign with the Cowboys. Preferably, Dallas would much rather see Scandrick as the nickelback because he can shut down slot wide receivers.

Many were hoping that Byron Jones, who was a rookie this past season, would have been utilized as a corner back on a full time basis. However, Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli feels that Jones and his versatility would better serve the team by playing at the free safety spot. Regardless of what his actual starting designation is, expect to see Jones be utilized all over the court, in much the same way that the Arizona Cardinals use Tyronn Mathieu.

Dallas Cowboys free safety Byron Jones
Byron Jones [Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images]
The return of Pacman Jones will be rather interesting because of his short, one-year stint with the Dallas Cowboys. He was not in as good of a place during that period in his life. Jones was easily one of those NFL stars that fit the label of “talented but troubled”. Pacman was so talented that Jerry Jones was willing to spend money to have at least one security personnel keeping an eye on the corner back at all hours of the day.

When Pacman Jones was released by the Dallas Cowboys in 2009, not a single person would have believed you if you stated that Jones would be allowed back in 2016 to help Dallas chase the elusive Super Bowl.

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