McDonald’s Cadbury Egg McFlurry: New Dessert Treat Debuts At McDonald’s Restaurants

McDonald’s Cadbury Creme Egg McFlurry has become a new dessert item at some restaurants. The new McDonald’s McFlurry is being tested in parts of Australia and the United Kingdom, giving fast food fans in the United States something new to crave. A report from Fox News states that the new McDonald’s menu item is a mash-up of ice cream and Cadbury eggs. McDonald’s describes it as “soft dairy ice cream served with fondant sauce and Cadbury chocolate.”

McDonald's Cadbury Egg McFlurry

While it is typical of a McDonald’s McFlurry to not have a lot of nutritional value, the Cadbury Creme Egg option is particularly packed with sugar. One regular size Cadbury McFlurry contains 397 calories and 54 grams of sugar. If it does find a lot of success in the United Kingdom and Australia, though, Americans would likely have no problem trying it out as well.

Currently, the United States McFlurry options are limited to M&M’s and Oreo Cookies as filling. McDonald’s has had several other options in the past, including Butterfinger candy bar pieces. It’s one of several dessert options that McDonald’s restaurants have that includes the soft serve ice cream.

In comparison to the smaller option offered as the Cadbury Creme Egg McFlurry overseas, the options in the United States are a bit bigger. It also means that they pack a few more calories than the new McDonald’s offering. A 12-ounce Oreo McFlurry has 520 calories in it, while a 12-ounce M&M’s McFlurry has 650 calories in it. Those options also have 17 grams and 23 grams of fat respectively, showing that the Cadbury McFlurry might not be worse for diets.

There are also many other dessert options that McDonald’s currently offers its American consumers. They include baked apple pies; soft baked chocolate chip and soft baked oatmeal raisin cookies; strawberry & creme pies; and yogurt parfaits. This is in addition to the many milkshakes, sundaes, and cones that the restaurants offer. The McFlurry was originally a way for McDonald’s to compete with Dairy Queen Blizzards and has continued to be a good seller for the fast food chain.

There has not been a lot of buzz on social media about the new McDonald’s Cadbury Creme Egg McFlurries, but that may only be a matter of time. There hasn’t been a lot of press about the new McDonald’s dessert option since it has only been made available in other countries. That doesn’t mean it won’t eventually hit a menu in the United States, but it could take a lot of that social media buzz to get it going.

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It’s also not guaranteed that the new McDonald’s Cadbury Egg McFlurry will actually make it to the United States. There are a lot of products that the restaurant chain offers in other countries that haven’t been made available to North America. A report from Food Network recently offered a look at some of those authentic menu items from around the world.

In Thailand, pineapple pie is one of the dessert options that McDonald’s has to offer. McDonald’s restaurants in Indonesia serve up fried chicken drumsticks with spaghetti Bolognese. Then there is the Aussie Brekkie Roll currently on menus in Australia. That sandwich includes two sausage patties, bacon, cheese, mayor, and BBQ sauce. The sandwich is served on sesame buns. Malaysia offers Buber Ayam, which is chicken strips in Malaysian-style porridge topped with spring onions, ginger, fried shallots, and chillies.

There are even more dessert options offered around the world, suggesting that it’s possible the United States may never see the McDonald’s Cadbury Creme Egg McFlurry. That’s where social media comes into play, as people sharing thoughts on the dessert and how they might want to try it could spur the management teams to bring it state-side.

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