Fatal 4-Way For WWE Divas Title At ‘Wrestlemania 32?’ — Could Headlining Divas Match Feature The Four Horsewomen Of NXT?

Last night, February 29, 2016, on WWE Monday Night RAW, wrestling fans observed a very entertaining match between Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch. The stipulation of the match was that the winner would go on to face WWE Divas Champion Charlotte at Wrestlemania 32 for the title. However, the match ended in a way that did not present a clear-cut winner. During the end of the match, Banks slammed Lynch with a sunset flip off the top turnbuckle. Banks had the match won but, in her exhaustion, collapsed backwards. The referee then counts to three, but with both Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch having their shoulders down, the match ended in a draw.

With no clear-cut winner, it is believed that neither Sasha Banks or Becky Lynch qualify for the number one contendership for the title at Wrestlemania 32. Technically, both women would need to compete yet again in another match so that a decision can be made. However, there is another possibility as proven by the WWE Universe’s chants heard in the video attached above. Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch did pin each other, therefore they both qualify for number one contendership thus making the WWE Divas Championship match a Triple Threat.

Many fans in the WWE Universe were excited for such a potential match. However, could it be possible that WWE is setting up the featured divas championship match at Wrestlemania 32 to be a Fatal 4-Way with all Four Horsewomen of NXT?

At this very moment, the prospect of a Fatal 4-Way featuring all Four Horsewomen of NXT seems like a far cry from happening. This is because one of the Horsewomen of NXT, Bayley, is still in NXT while the other three Horsewomen being Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch, and Charlotte, are on the main roster. Not only that, but Bayley is the current NXT Women’s Champion. True Bayley can work double-duty, similar to Paige or Kevin Owens before her did, but it is highly unlikely WWE will allow such to happen ever again. Also, it is highly unlikely that WWE will allow Bayley to be a double champion for both NXT and WWE if said Fatal 4-Way were to happen and she were to win.

WWE NXT - Episode 320
On the February 10, 2016 episode of NXT, Bayley and Asuka and an intense moment which foreshadowed Asuka’s intent to become NXT Women’s Champion. [Image via Screen Capture of NXT 320]
If the aforementioned prove true, Bayley will need to drop the NXT Women’s Championship prior to Wrestlemania 32, which takes place on April 3, 2016. That gives WWE about one month to have Bayley pass the NXT Women’s Championship to someone else. Knowing the direction their creative is going, that person will most-likely be Asuka simply because she and Bayley had an epic stare-down during the 320th episode of NXT on February 10, 2016. Their short exchange was enough to foreshadow an upcoming match between the two, which will happen on April 1, 2016 at the upcoming NXT premier event, NXT TakeOver: Dallas. Also, if Bayley were to make the jump from NXT to WWE at Wrestlemania 32, dropping the title at NXT TakeOver: Dallas is smart because the NXT premier event takes place in Dallas, Texas while Wrestlemania 32 takes place in Arlington, Texas. The distance between both cities is just 20 miles and it gives Bayley two whole days to prepare between events.

A Fatal 4-Way match for the WWE Divas Championship at Wrestlemania 32 would be “best for business” for WWE if they are able to make it happen. Thanks to NXT and the WWE Network, the build for Bayley making the jump at any time is already established thus she can make her debut at any time. But if WWE wants to bring credence to the Divas Division, one that the Divas Revolution failed to do, maybe having an amazing match that took place last year at NXT TakeOver: Fatal 4-Way happening one more time at Wrestlemania 32 is what is needed.

[Image via WWE]