Dave Coulier Of ‘Fuller House’ Reveals His Hopes For Season 2

Dave Coulier is really excited about the idea of Fuller House getting a Season 2 and he is already speaking out about what he hopes to see if it happens. Dave Coulier spoke to Mashable all about what he wants for Fuller House season 2 including his hopes of who could end up playing his wife if it happens. In Season 1 of Fuller House, Joey’s family was not around at all and everyone wondered what was going on with him and who Joey left behind in Las Vegas.

When it comes to a wife for Uncle Joey of Fuller House, Dave Coulier wants to bring in a fan favorite from another sitcom. He would love to see one of the girls from Saved By the Bell as his wife on Fuller House. Here is what he had to say about it.

“We were all joking about who it could be because [Joey lives] in Vegas now. Would I have married a showgirl? You know, would it have been like Elizabeth Berkley? We all kind of laughed. We were talking about what the possibilities were… but I actually went home that day and was like, ‘Elizabeth Berkley… that would be funny.’ She’s from Saved by the Bell, she was in that movie Showgirls, it would make sense that I would go to Vegas and marry a showgirl.”

Dave Coulier did mention that they have never just had one season of any of their shows. Fuller House getting a second season is not yet confirmed, but so far it sounds promising. John Stamos shared that if they get a second season he would love to develop the kids characters more.

Dave only did three episodes of Fuller House, but he is game to do that many or more if Fuller House gets a Season 2 on Netflix. Dave really enjoyed his time on the show and only has good things to say about his experience.

“Ive always looked at Full House as a gift in my life. Some actors don’t like to look back at previous projects but I have some of my best friends in life from that show, from that experience. So I can never thank the world enough that I got to share that experience with them.”

Dave Coulier did admit that he was a bit disappointed that the Olsen twins didn’t show up for Fuller House, but he also gets it because they seem really busy with their fashion empire and don’t really do much acting anymore. It does sound like everyone would love them to make an appearance on Fuller House Season 2 if they can find a way to fit into their schedule.

TV Line shared why fans never got to see Joey’s wife and kids on Fuller House season 1. At one point, they had him with a wife and kids in Vegas, according to Jeff Franklin, but for some reason they didn’t put that part into the show. Franklin did share that if Fuller House gets future seasons, then they hope to share all about Joey’s family. That is where the wife and kids might end up coming in. Fans are just going to have to wait to find out if they can get Fuller House renewed for another season.

Are you hoping that there will be a Season 2 of Fuller House? Who do you think should play Joey’s wife if they bring her on? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts and don’t miss Fuller House on Netflix.

[Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images]