Doggie Dentist Braces: Golden Retriever Puppy Will Have Perfect Pearly Whites, Photo Of Dog’s Braces Go Viral

Doggie dentist trips are becoming popular around the United States as many pet owners are considering braces for their fury friends. According to MLive, the doggie dentist braces trend began circulating on Facebook when a photo was posted by the Harborfront Hospital for Animals in Michigan on Feb 26.

The photo, which captured a golden retriever puppy, isn’t your average adorable puppy photo. In fact, it’s quite different from most photos most animal lovers have ever seen because this puppy has braces. However, that’s not all. On one of the photos, it even looks as if he’s smiling at the camera.

In addition to routine veterinary checkups, the little golden retriever puppy takes trips to the orthodontics for doggy dentist visits to have his braces checked. Almost immediately after the photo was shared, it captured the attention of thousands of users on the social network. Now, the photo has gone viral.

According to NBC News, the photo has created such a buzz, many news outlets have gravitated to the Harborfront Hospital for Animals to learn more about the eye-catching doggy braces. So, is it recommended for all dogs to go to the dentist so they can have perfect pearly white teeth? Apparently, it isn’t as it seems. The photo was also accompanied by a description that explained the reason for orthodontia in dogs.

Molly Moore, owner of the 6-moth old golden retriever affectionately known as Wesley, works at Harborfront Hospital and her father, Dr. Jim Moore, happens to be the dentist who put her puppy’s braces on. Although it’s not a common practice, doggy braces have been an alternative for dogs when health concerns are present.

“Orthodontia in pets is normally not for aesthetic purposes, but because of health concerns.”

During an interview with Buzzfeed News, Molly explained the reason behind her puppy’s doggy dentist trips and the ultimate decision to have braces put on his teeth. She revealed how she’d noticed drastic changes in his daily activities, and a distinctive change in his weight. So, she decided to seek medical attention for him. An examination revealed Wesley’s teeth were the probably. He “needed tooth alignment because he could not close his mouth completely,” according to NBC News.

“He wasn’t playing with his toys and he was losing weight,” Molly Moore told Buzzfeed News about her puppy’s need for the braces. “It was very worrying for me, and we needed to do something for him to be pain free and live a happy puppy life.”

Dr. Moore revealed doggy braces are quite similar to the ones seen on children. So, Wesley’s trips to the dentist are quite standard. “We use all human products, so this is something we’d put on a child,” Dr. Moore explained.

Then, of course, these doggy braces come with a price. If you’d like to take your dog to the dentist for braces, it wouldn’t probably cost approximately $1,700 to $1,800, but since Wesley is a member of the family, he reportedly received a discount.

Of course, the overwhelming response to the photo has taken the hospital by surprise. On Monday, Feb. 29, a response was posted to the Facebook page and the hospital expressed gratitude for the social media support received.

“We are overwhelmed by the outpouring of care and interest from around the nation in our buddy Wesley,” Harborfront Hospital posted on its Facebook page Monday, Feb 29. “Dental care is just as important for the pets we love as it is for us and we are glad that his cute ‘brace face’ brought such interest.”

Would you take your dog to the dentist for doggy braces? Share your thoughts.

[Image via Facebook/Harborfront Hospital for Animals]