Apple Malware Scare Brings Company Officials To Black Hat Conference

With Apple malware popping up on Mac OS X and iOS the company can no longer claim to be Microsoft’s virus safe competitor but they can prove their serious about PC security. The company following a run in with Apple based computer viruses and an iPhone/iPad virus will send Dallas De Atley, Manager of the Platform Security team to the Black Hate conference on Thursday. De Atley will take to the stage at the conference to talk about major security features inside of Apple iOS.

It’s not that Apple has never sent employees to security conferences, they have just typically not taken an active role in speaking and engaging.

Apple announced its first known piece of iOS malware in early July. Known as “Find and Call” the mobile app would have users upload all of their contact info a server which would then spam contacts with a message that appeared to be from the victim’s phone.

The Black Hat conference has been active for 15 years and is party to some of the best and brightest computer security experts in the world. The conference is attended by corporate and government employees and members of the academic world.

The Black Hat conference is held at various locations around the world including Abu Dhabi, Barcelona, Washington DC and this week in Las Vegas.

To compare Apple’s appearances, Microsoft started ended the conference in 1998 and Google executives spoke in 2010.

Apple executives have not said exactly what they will speak about at during their time at the Black Hat conference.