Google Self-Driving Car Gets Into Car Accident, Crashes Into Bus In California

Google’s self-driving car has gotten into a car accident in California. The Google self-driving car was only going two miles-per-hour and ended up colliding into a bus. The bus was only going 15 miles-per-hour when the Google car, in autonomous mode at that, collided with it.

According to Wired, there was a passenger riding in the front seat. The person riding in the front passenger seat was test driving it and is actually in the front passenger seat because they are supposed to take over the wheel if anything happens. However, the Google self-driving car and the passenger both thought that the bus was going to yield for them. But it didn’t and the accident happened.

The Google car was trying to get around some sandbags that were in the street when the accident happened. Once the self-driving car detected the sandbags near the storm drains in the street, it came to a complete stop. The Google car then waited three seconds and started entering the center lane and this is when it came in contact with the bus. It hit the side of the bus. This accident actually happened on February 14, the report that was filed by the California DMV was filed on Feb. 23 while the auto accident was made public today.

A Google self-driving car collided with a bus on the highway.
(Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

Although, according to Wired, no injuries were reported, the Google self-driving car did end up with a little bit of damage. Apparently, the self-driving car ended up with the front left wheel and the fender damaged a little. There were people on the bus but they didn’t get hurt and were transferred to another bus.

Reuter’s reports, Google has made changes to their self-driving car software to avoid accidents in the future. Google made a statement on Monday saying that they do take some responsibility for this accident and will ensure it doesn’t happen again. Reuter’s states that Google said the reason they take some responsibility is because if their car wouldn’t have moved like it did, the collision wouldn’t have happened in the first place. However, both the passenger and the car “thought” that the bus would yield and wait for the Google car to go but kept going instead.

Wired reports, this isn’t the first accident a Google self-driving car has been in. However, Google always said none of the accidents were their fault. They say they have been rear ended many times before because humans can’t drive as good as the Google car does. Google says that, when in autonomous mode, the Google self-driving car will always out drive humans since people aren’t good drivers.

Google self-driving cars will be all the way road read in 2020.
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Wired also reports that, since 2009, Google’s self-driving cars have driven 1..3 million miles. The cars can actually recognize when a police officer is directing traffic and using hand singles and they can “think” at speeds that no human can match. Although the car’s have been in 17 accidents since January, they say they have all been because of humans. Google has predicted that their self-driving cars will be really road ready by the year 2020. Their ultimate goal is to make a car that drives so much better than a human ever can. In fact, their program director, Chris Urmson said that perfection isn’t attainable and also said this:

“You need to be very thoughtful in doing this, but you don’t want the perfect to be the enemy of the good. We need to make sure we can get that out in the world in a timely fashion.”

What do you think about Google and their self-driving car? What do you think about the accident that happened last month and the 17 accidents the car has already been in? Do you think this type of car will actually be safe for everyone to ride in one day soon? Sound off with your opinion on this and let everyone know what you think!

[Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images]